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Want it raw from the ground in NJ? Here it is unfiltered

This is a cross posted testimony:


im from long beach island nj i stayed for the storm and left a couple days after ....
there was barely any damage there
just in 2 separate parts of the island
and everything is fine now there is no dangerous conditions

they are saying they wont be letting people return to there homes for 2 months
what the mother fuck???

i live and work there i only have $ 300 and there is NO FUCKING AID AVAILABLE TO ME
i have applied with FEMA and a sba loan
and they just say wait for us to contact you

the only aid is
to go stay at a shelter
well fuck that FEMAS budget is how many Hundreds of Billions??
red cross gets how many Billions Donated to it??
and the best they have been for me is to go stay on a used cot
that's not been cleaned since the last person used it?

that's wonderful
you're stopping me from going to my house ...
stopping me from working
and have no financial aid for me?? just a used fucking cot???

now i know why guns are illegal

VAT and red cross and fema Is not doing fucking shit for recovery
its all People that live around here DOING EVERY FUCKING THING LITERALLY


like i said
now I realize why guns are illegal
it gives them power to do whatever the fuck they want
and because you cant do shit about it

you cant just go back to the island
the national guard is guarding the bridge

and no
there is barely any damage like one house washed away at the very south end of the island
and like 2 more on the northside
other then That it just flooded.

Its not about fucking Assistance
Particularly the point is
they are Preventing ME FROM GOING BACK TO MY HOUSE
and aren't giving me any Assistance
or any answers whatsoever

This is how it works.
They order you to evacuate.
Once you leave your property they are in control
and take over choke points and you are fucked.

You do not have to and there is nothing they can do.
If you leave for any reason and try to return ... yeah ... you are fucked.

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Now I know why DHS loaded up on all that ammo

It was for the October surprise.



Northridge Earthquake

I was in West Hollywood when the "Northridge" earthquake (epicentered in Canoga Park, I think) happened. An apartment building in Northridge collapsed, and a couple of the freeway overpasses fell down, and there was lots of damage. I forget the death toll, but I think is was under 100, which, considering the population...

My Dad watched the news, and called me several days later to see if I was okay. He said he figured I was, because the news kept showing the same apartment building and freeway overpasses, and the death toll was so low... He just figured the odds.

Sometimes I think that because the public believes the media, and the politicians also believe the media, and even if they didn't they want to make the public happy, the politicians just hype the problems.

And, of course, the media hypes everything. In southern California, they go crazy if there's a 10% chance of rain. (The news anchors there, are always surprised when the Sepulveda Flood Basin floods, and they have problems understanding why the public gives conflicting reports of how an earthquake felt--at different distances from the epicenter.

Which is not to minimize the losses. However, we're not weak, helpless, or stupid, generally, and it is events like these that build character and relationships with neighbors.

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I was thinking that after watching YouTube videos, below

NJ is huge but videos show same half mile radius of long beach island right off the shore.

curious - are these people going to be allowed in to vote?


Long Beach Island footage (where he's from)


It's bad alright.. he should know, he was there...
It sounds like they are evacuating the area completely now.
That's a LOT of people displaced...
Apparently the Atlantic City Casinos are open..
but Long Beach Island, Bayhead, and Mantoloking are under National Guard checkpoints.
go figure.



I am reminded....

of what Rahm Emmanuel blurted out...

that you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.
'They' are saying (of course) that it is now 'unsafe'...
sewer,gas lines, water lines...
they have been talking for YEARS about the aging infrastructure
on the islands and coastal areas.... years...
they are in a position to have the Feds cough up for a re-model
they are talking about having to (now) replace over 300 miles
of pipe thoughout the area.
Rahm had it right.
It won't be any different.

"The entire infrastructure of natural gas lines under Long Beach Island, more than 300 miles of pipeline, will have to be repaired or rebuilt, a prospect That could keep thou sands of island residents out their fiduciary homes for months."

"The township hopes to allow homeowners to return to the island soon to prepare Their homes. Mancini did not have a date or timeline or When that will start, but said homeowners will be permitted to return for a few hours to prepare to winterize Their homes and collect important belongings."



He speaks the truth.