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A Word About The Elections -Chuck Baldwin

A Word About The Elections

With the 2012 Presidential election just a few days away, it is almost superfluous for me to engage in any kind of in depth discussion, as most people cannot, for the life of them, get past the political theater that is currently crescendoing to a climax. Therefore, I will simply provide readers with a few passing thoughts regarding the elections next week.

I think Mitt Romney will somewhat comfortably win the Presidential election. This will cause “conservatives,” Christians, and most Republicans to go into a state of deep hibernation, which will allow Romney to wreak havoc upon the Constitution and liberties of the people. In 2012, Barack Obama is the “Boogeyman” that must defeated at all costs. But the fact is, with the exception of Romney’s more business-friendly approach to economics, the differences between Obama and Romney are negligible.

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The Voice of Liberty "Because I Can!"

fonat, I am being nose here, but I saw your request in the mod box to have your footprint removed from the DP.

Now I am left with 2 considerations.

1) everything is OK now


2) you are a fonta imposter

Also wondering, I think it was you who talked about Ron Paul protecting someing regarding those news letters. I am wondering what all that is about.

You see, I am a nosey bear :)

And looking forward to writing those 7 letters:


It is the message, not only the man!

Only (LOL) for Bear

No, everything is not okay but I did get pulled back in and I am certainly not the first to say, "I'm outta here...can't stomach this any more"...only to return. I was disheartened by all of my "teachers" who had left for good. Those who I felt offered a PHD level course in almost everything I had not been taught and at my age I was trying to find everything I could that I had been wrong about. Most of those people left when the DP shifted, their excellent posts went unnoticed and there became so few real thinkers. They had nobody else to teach. (We do still have a few and they do not exactly provide their autobiographies for understandable reasons.)

Another reason is that the day after I had decided to back away quietly, you reposted something of mine that was from a time when I was sleuthing...trying to learn truth. During that time I became a bit contentious and I wished I had taken your more gracious approach. I asked to be banned because I was afraid you re-post would bring things up that probably were best left buried and I became very much aware that all posts are in an archive and many do what I do. When I like a post very much I go back and look at other things that poster posted. I was not proud of all of my posts past and had rededicated myself to private sleuthing! No, LOL...I am not a fonta imposter and can't imagine anyone wanting to be one!

However, this leads directly into your second questions. Obviously you are curious as I am. The newsletters had been a huge curiousity issue with me as it dealt such a blow to the momentum of the movement at the time and I did not understand why Lew Rockwell would not take the bullet if he was responsible and, yet at the same time, was proud of Ron Paul for taking responsibility for something that went under his signature. I absolved Ron Paul and whoever wrote the stuff by reverting back to myself and the political and societal environment during those times.

There was fear regarding the Civil Rights Movement and the climate leading up to it. There was fear of riots, loosing property value that one had worked hard for, public education being degraded for the children. There was a lack of understanding of true brotherhood and equality. This fear was fueled by the media propaganda and a sense of entitlement. These fears were expressed in many ways by many people who hardly had their political careers ruined years later after making a paradigm shift and admitting they were wrong.

(I know this is getting too long). This was before a bunch of Viet Nam children destroyed part of the fallacy by coming over here and going to the top of the education ladder because they valued an education. This was before, through equal opportunity and education, African Americans made huge and recognized contributions to all walks of society. This was before the media fueled and backwards thinking fear was dispelled by actions, achievements and reality. By neighbors becoming cherished friends.

During the time of "fear" my grandparents were the epitome of hypocracy through lack of understanding. My grandmother loved heer maid and yardman and thought they were just exceptional and different. Years later, in here mid-eighties she for the first time "cancelled" her husband's vote by voting for Jesse Jackson. She said she was doing it because Jesus told her to. Her (funny but sweet) reasoning was that "that rainbow coalition made a lot of sense>" because she believed that "Jesus loved the little children of the world...red and yellow, black and white...they are precious in his sight." She also said when asked why she was cancelling her husband's vote, "Because I can." Now whether or not one would think beyond race her vote was naive, I believe she made a huge spiritual jump in her mid eighties and I was proud of her.

So here's the "other" answer and hoping only you will read this far as it doesn't really matter. It may not be correct; however, it makes sense to me. I read that a much loved, brilliant and aging, founding father and hero of the Mises branch did some editing in his later years. It rings true because both Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell care a lot about this man's legacy being kept away from slur and slander. If true and I believe it may well be, Ron Paul (almost biblicaly but for sure philosophically) laid down his life for the legacy of a friend. It would be yet another indication that Ron Paul is the most principles statesman we have seen in years. He will do anything to preserve a message whose time has come.

Whew...so much for my promise to myself about learning to be succinct. And, BTW...I read everything you post and am learning from your particular blend of curiosity, intelligence, spirituality and most of all graciousness. Thank you! And, I loved Brother Bear, sister of mine.