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Gary Johnson Campaign Ad

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Gary Johnson believes the global warming hoax

Infowars interview with Gary Johnson



Question to GJ from reporter: "Do you believe in Global Warming?"

Gary Johnson's answer: "I accept that it's man caused . . we are demanding less carbon emission, we want less carbon in the air . . For coal to be competitive they're going to have to scrub their coal more that's something the coal industry is going to have to do, we are opting as consumers to have the cleanest energy we can have. We'll find an alternative to oil that will stop us from using it."

The ice cores show that a rise in CO2 is always preceded by a rise in temperature by hundreds of years. The ocean outgases CO2 when temperature rises as the result of Sun cycles. There is no proof that an increase in the trace gas CO2 causes significant warming, CO2 rises as a result of warming, it doesn't cause it. Another pack of lies from our elite masters.

I clicked the link with high

I clicked the link with high hopes. I'm gonna go ahead and say it. This was perhaps his worst ad ever.