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A Misadjusted Calculator or Incompetence

5.2% unemployment—his plan promised,
They cooked ‘em down to 7.8%—to fool us.
$900 billion/10 yrs—will pay O-care’s costs,
0 patients treated—is a $2.6 trillion loss!

He had a self-righteous swagger,
As he rolled the Keynesian dice...
He stabbed our backs with a HC dagger;
Crony got $flush—we gotta pay the price.

One wonders how it can be this close,
A dem malady—has yet to be diagnosed.
I reckon for many—reality is an irrelevancy,
Honor’s in bankruptcy—it’s who’s gonna gimme.

My preference is dysfunctional gridlock;
A 51-49 Senate + an R House—stops the clock.
Overall—it matters very little who wins,
But Keystonian exec orders keep the lights dim.

Mr. Obama covets the power throne,
For perpetuating his reign of doom.
4 more—and we’ll be the Flintstones;
Here ya go—you can borrow my broom...

Sweep WH rooms—back to Chicago goons!

T Kosciuszko

If it was legal—it is totally irrelevant,
Mr. Obama is actually incompetent!
This “thinking” is the why of the fix we’re in,
The naïveté of dems makes my head spin!


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I read it in my head like a beat poem

beat poetry - the rap of the 60's.

Thanks for thoughts in rhythm.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.