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Election Day: The Ron Paul Factor!

We stand less than forty-eight hours from the election of the next President of the United States. The two major candidates are Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The key figure in this race could very well be one that is not even in the race and is retiring from Congress.

Congressman Ron Paul, the representative from Texas who led a revolution of libertarians and constitutionalists within the political mainstream. This year has been a well-documented battle of these political revolutionaries against the entrenched establishment. Kicked down and brushed aside, the Ron Paul people have now proven to be a force of influence and will be an interesting storyline to follow Tuesday night.

Conflict still remains as to whether or not many will vote for former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson or write in Congressman Paul himself, but one thing remains certain: Mitt Romney is not on the short list.

Maine’s Republican Party operations have been a mess from the beginning. To say the spike in activity during caucuses was unexpected is dishonest, as the Paul campaign had been open about its strategy being focused on the delegates in caucus states.

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