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Gary Johnson's Biggest Fault? He's Not Ron Paul. No One Is. No One Ever Will Be.

Dear Dr. Paul,

Everyone on this forum loves you.

However, we all have a common problem with you.

You're too darn perfect!

Of course, we all know that you aren't perfect. Of course, you know those faults of your own that you never need share. As human beings, the rest of us know or suspect those faults which hardly need to be mentioned in polite company...

But still...

Why'd you have to be so darned close-to-perfect?!?

You've set a standard which we all aspire to - even your detractors, secretly I suspect.

You've filled your niche and accomplished your task, to quote Robert L. Stevenson.

You've even managed to lead an entire revolution without issuing a single order or mandate!

Finally, you've left us floundering.

Do we call your semi-endorsement of Gary Johnson an endorsement and vote for him?

Do we write in your name as a show of solidarity?

Do we clean the rain gutters on election day in an attempt to get something meaningful accomplished on this day of otherwise wasted efforts?

Or do we call it a night as it's obviously very late and some of us will need to finish this post tomorrow afternoon sometime?

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EXACTLY - But the people here who are hurting (and we are ALL

hurting about it) want to lash out at Gary Johnson because they percieve that he has stolen Ron Paul's cookies.

They don't see the bigger picture that voting for Gary Johnson HONORS Ron Paul - it doesn't take away from him.

Because it shows the world that we have LEARNED something. Not that we just blindly follow Ron Paul.

Ron Paul the Champion of Liberty

...I think I heard him say one or more times while he was campaigning...I can't tell you what to do. Do what you want to do.

Not his exact words. But I know, I have floundered this election period because I wish he would have nominiated someone. But he didn't. What does that mean? I don't know. But I do know it has made me think and think hard about what I am going to do come Tuesday. And for that I say Thank You to Dr. Paul, because isn't that what empowerment is all about?

Yes there is! There are alot of Ron Paul Republican's

Yes there is! There are alot of Ron Paul Republican's. gary johnson is weak on the federal reserve, foreign policy, etc. There are many people closer to Ron Paul on Policy's than gary johnson.

You don't have to be Ron Paul to share his platform.

Anyone who shares his platform and philosophy is another Ron Paul and there are many of us.

Gary for better or worse has chosen to stand on his own platform. So be it. He made his bed he can lie in it, and anyone who wants to jump in is free to join him if they feel that the best thing to do. I'll pass.

However this, "there will never another Ron Paul" sentiment is nonsense and a poor argument for one to lower their standards. There are plenty more Ron Paul's on the way.


I was going to come here and say something about the platform, but you beat me to it!

I agree w/ you

I don't get why many think GJ can't be seen as being "part of the liberty movement" despite having many good ideas (ending the wars, ending the Fed, balancing the budget, ending the drug wars) and being praised by Dr. Paul as being "wonderful".

I get it though. I know GJ's shortcomings. But as I've said before, I think people are letting the "perfect (RP) be the enemy of the good (GJ)". Many on here disagree though so I think it's almost pointless trying to achieve solidarity. There won't be. To be honest, I'm still considering writing in Ron Paul myself. I live in NY though and, from what I understand, I don't think they really count write-ins. So I'm not sure if I should vote my conscience (write in RP) or vote my conscience to a lesser degree (GJ) but have that vote actually be counted, which will maybe help 3rd parties in 2016.

I wish there were solidarity amongst RP supporters - one way or the other - but it's not going to happen. For whatever it's worth, for practical reasons, I'm leaning towards GJ (though it would pain me to *not* vote for Dr. Paul in what is very likely my last chance to do so).


The "liberty movement" is something designed by libs to counter the tea party. Gairie Johnson is a memeber of the "liberty movement".

Ron Paul is the father of the Tea Party movement, and Ron Paul is a tea partier. Tea Parties are the conservative movement.
Dont get the two confused. The Tea Party is much much bigger then the liberty movement.
There are 89 tea parties in Texas alone and are all ready king makers in the local elections.

There is no such thing as a "semi endorsement"!!lol
but nice try.
One either endorses or they dont.
RP never came close to endorsing GJ.
He is kind! and mentioned kind words, "ONCE", as he always does on everyone he is questioned over. but that is the extent. so please dont spin.
Paul couldnt get away from GJ fast enough.
Pauls sunshine rally in fla PROVED this, which Paul created on the fly when he found out gairiefest was a go!!!
He would not take part in Gairiefest, so Dr Paul created his own rally and never said once, to any of his supporters to attend gairiefest.
instead he told his supporters to sign wave and welcome delegates but NEVER did he say to go to gairiefest. In fact, Ron Paul has never mentioned or spoken about GJ- EVER! other then that one time when cornered by libs asking his opinion on gairie...

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

if you want orders

then here is one. DO what my signature says!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?