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why i'm writing in David Friedman

Lately I have been thinking about my vote for Gary Johnson and Iv come to the conclusion that what he represents isn't what I truly believe at all? I look toward the efficiency of Government vs The Market and come to the conclusion that If i voted for Gary Johnson, then I am looking for Government to take care of itself. This is a rather illogical solution. to assume one man can and will take care of his own monopoly is like assuming an empty glass would fill itself (with beer).

No, You cannot hack at big governments branches or it will grow back. You must remove it by its roots and eradicate the seed. This was the big mistake made by the framers 300 years ago. The Tumor which grows was only decreased for a brief moment in time. If history shows anything its that the smallest government end up becoming the largest.

A state is a institution which claims a monopoly on the legitimate use of force over a given territory. what difference is this from any other business? These malignant bureaucrats cant even balance a budget.

my vote does not go toward putting one man in office, it goes toward removing this failed system of checks and balances.

David Friedman 2Ⓐ12!


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Is this rock bottom for the

Is this rock bottom for the write-in movement?

Ventura 2012