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Daily Paul interview with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Libertarian Presidential Candidate joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Daily Paul interview with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’ to discuss many issues facing our country: medicare, debt, undeclared wars, civil liberties and the war on drugs.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Good Interview

The more I hear from Gary Johnson the more I like him, although I liked him already I think he has been exposed to more libertarian thought now and understands the underpinnings better. At first I think he was just a fiscal conservation and social liberal, but now I think with the influence of Liberty minded people around him he has grown in the philosophy of Liberty. He has my support and I hope he continues to grow in the mysterious way of freedom.

What good is Freedom of the press, if the Press will not Press For Freedom? - UR


Ask not what your government can do for the people, ask what can the people do for the people. - UR

The Medicare Argument is a L I E

IMO. The value of the money paid in is worth more than the value of the money today. I am sorry, I am sick of hearing this lie repeated over and over and over again by different people. I have tried to be nice about it. But people need to hear false information when it is said.

If I am wrong correct me. If I had listened to this interview first thing this morning I would not have posted a separate post. I would of confronted what I see as false information head on. Gary Johnson may be ignorant or mislead, but I'll be "darned" if I am going to let some one say that a silver dime now worth $2.50 paid into medicare is not more than a 3 to 1 payout. If I understand correctly a 25 to 1 payout is in order.

The Federal Reserve needs to quit stockpiling its wet gold and give the people back their silver dimes and quarters so they can pay for their own healthcare and get the government out of our pocketbooks and our personal business. Please.

From my non-controversial post today: http://www.dailypaul.com/261689/silver-dimes-silver-quarters...

Regarding the recent sound bites on the Medicare Issue declaring people have paid $30 into the system and are getting $100 out of the system, I would like to offer the following information as food for thought:

If the Federal Government had allowed people to invest that money into gold instead of inflating the money then perhaps people would be able to get MORE than $100 back out of the system!

Or how about just silver?

After all one might consider that a 1964 silver dime is worth around $2.50 today. A single 10 cent piece from 1964 is worth 2 dollar bills and a fifty cent piece. Didn’t Dr. Paul hold up a silver quarter and say a gallon of gas could be purchased with that quarter in 2012?

I am wondering, how much health care would those silver dimes and quarters purchase in 2012?

If youu would like some more food for thought regarding gold and Medicare, jump on over to here:


Ben Franklin said: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

bear wonders…maybe only when that penny is made out of copper...

He's Pointing Out The Unsustainability Of The Program

He's talking about how it's a cost drain on the U.S. government, not about how it is a great deal for the individual forced to participate in it.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I am saying Gary Johnson is presenting a S T R A W M A N

He is saying that people only paid in $30 and are getting $100 out. Yes, he is saying it is a cost drain.

I am saying it is a cost drain because it is an unsustainble program whereby the Federal Government has stolen $30 of the peoples money which is now worth $750 in silver dimes. If the people had kept their $30 worth of silver dimes...those 300 dimes, they would now have $750 or in current dimes 7500 dimes.

What I am saying is that the people didn't pay in $30 and are getting $100 out. The people paid in $750 and are ONLY getting $100 out because the Federal Government S T O L E the peoples money.

Gary Johnson is presenting a strawman, and whether he knows it or not, I cannot say. It is fine to vote for Gary Johnson, but do so understanding the truth of what The Federal Government (people in that government system) has done and not what the people have failed to do in their own support. The people are only culpable because they either trusted the Federal Government with their silver dimes as well as their "social security and medical welfare," or were coerced to do so. And for that the people should be ashamed, but not for the amount they have paid into the system.

The answer to this strawman may very well be separating the young from the old as men have been separated from women, races from each other, as well as moral issue division. It may very well be the beginning of a new division tactic. If that is the case, it is a tactic from which you will never escape because you cannot quit aging.


Be the 5%

Liberty highest option for 2012 will be Gary Johnson, getting the Libertarian party 5% and major party status should be our highest goal now..

Ron Paul vs Gary Johnson

You can do a side by side of just Ron and Gary at http://voterscored.com now.

I added write-in states information included under ballot access but accuracy could use feedback.

It is not GJ vs RP

They are on the same team, those trying to split them team.. Do not believe in liberty to start with..

Not voting for Johnson...

...the 5% is a pipe dream (no pun intended). Johnson is just another establishment horse of a different color.


For the LORD loves justice, And does not forsake His saints; They are preserved forever, But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off. ~ Psalm 37:27-29

5% Pipe Dream?

Not voting because you think a certain percentage is the same flawed reasoning people used when they said "I'm not voting Ron Paul because he has no chance of winning."

I am CERTAINLY voting for Gary Johnson

Actually - lets make that past tense. I voted for him by absentee ballot already.

And this is the first Presidential vote I have done in years that I do not regret.

(I voted for McCain and Bush - and yes I regret).


Thanks Kurt.

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good interview

Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2016

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He's got my vote

Great interview. Gary Johnson should have been included in the major presidential debates for sure. He's got my vote.

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