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Happy Moneybomb Anniversary!

Just wanted to say Happy Guy Fawkes Day. Our movement shattered records today 5 yrs ago when we raised $4.2M for Dr. Paul. This event led to the creation of the Tea Party. How fitting it is the day before the election. I want to thank everybody for all the sacrifice and contributions to the Liberty movement. I hope this serves as a reminder that we accomplished so much with so much stacked against us.

Whoever you vote for or if you vote tomorrow, keep fighting for peace, honest money and LIBERTY!


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That was an exciting day

I think I donated five times and watched the ticker all day.

Good Luck America!

I think that is why Ron Paul is retiring... to live of what is left :).

keep in touch daily, euuh maybe weekly ;) Paul

Brace for impact ! :P

On the good news, Tremblay resigns as Montreal mayor, under corruption allegations... Today

Maybe Ethics are winning... just maybe

Let's Celebrate This Anniversary By Bombarding The Internet Now!

Let's Celebrate This Anniversary By Bombarding The Internet Now!

Copy / Paste / Aim: FIRE!

ALL NETWORKS! Text, E-Mail, Facebook, Tweeter, Myspace:



Wisdom Strategies

2007 was an eye opener for many of us

From 2007 on my entire life has changed for the better. It reminds me of the matrix completely and it trips me out to see so many WANTING to never be woken up.

I think it is the same as being mad versus happy. It is always easier to be pissed off than working on smiling and being happy with yourself, life etc.

Many just want to NOT have to vote, NOT have to care and NOT have to worry about anything and hope the government will do it for them.

November 5th was a 24 hours UP day, coffee, fox, chatting along in the money bomb chat typing RON PAUL a billion times. Back then the excitement was WILD to say the least. The local ron paul meetup groups and everything went amazingly well for us in 2007. I think that facebook/myspace messed that whole deal up because now no one actually MEETS UP because they can post picture updates on facebook now....

REMOVE THE FACEBOOK and MEET UP with people locally. Make REAL FRIENDS not facebook fakes folks.

I hope we can get some liberty candidates winning LOCAL and STATE positions because that is how we will get back our country. We need the states to finally stand up to the federal government and get it back to LIMITED.

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Good observation about how Facebook changed

the effectiveness of the MeetUp groups. Hadn't thought of that.

We watched, stunned, as the media remained silent.

We had been trying to turn a lifelong friend on to Ron Paul. He had stopped by for an overnight visit, he was long haul trucking. When asked why he had never heard of him, we replied "The media won't tell you about him." We got the "You're nuts" look so we dropped it. Next day, he watched with us as the moneybomb detonated, and set a record. And the media said nothing... So, we brought it up.... "Do you believe in media suppression now?"
No. He did not. We have not heard from him since, ignores our emails. It was the first of many people we love who would turn their backs on us, but it was also the beginning of friendships based on a love of truth. I can't say it was a "fair trade" - I love those people and still wish they would see the truth of this world. But I would not go back to sleep for a desire to be back in their lives, either.
My mother had a poster on the fridge... A kitten in a stockade - "The truth shall make you free, but first it shall make you miserable."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Similar things have happened to me with friends that won't speak with me unless they have to because of our differing "world views". My FOX Watching Uncle* and I have come to a truce to not even discuss politics.

BUT THE FREAKIEST THING was when I was at the RNC and the Romney Delegates couldn't even see it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE IN REAL LIFE that the whole thing is pre-scripted specifically for a "made for TV audience". I*** was completely blown away and promptly sought out one of Jim Morrison's (of the Doors) favorite books- Collective Behavior: The Psychology of Crowds

* "If I didn't see it on Fair and Balanced FOX it didn't happen."

*** "I saw it on the Daily Paul"

I remember

That's when I met you all! Thanks Dr. Paul, for the amazing ride through the electoral process. We have grown, and become better educated activists and candidates. The youth are electrified behind a message of constitutional limited government and personal liberty...did we ever think these talking points would make it so far, and we assume that we are nowhere close to done, am I right?

Bless you all this Holiday season. We know what we've done, and it's beautiful.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

The 5th of Nov is my...

5th year anniversary too!

That faithful day back in 2007 is when I changed my ways and became a Ron Paul supporter. It was awesome watching the money pileup!

Thanks to my cousin in New Hampshire who help me change my old neocon ways.

Little known fact...

George and Laura Bush were actually married on November the 5th, 1977. Truth is stranger than fiction.


So everyone's favorite couple were celebrating their 30th anniversary that Moneybomb day! I hope we helped make it memorable for them.

What a day that was!


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Bump for past successes, and future successes!

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

I'll never forget

how exciting that day was. Watching the donations roll in and the tally moving higher and higher on the graphs. The burst of excitement and cheering when we passed $4 million was a rush!
I will always remember...the 5th of November.

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A memory of Nov 5th

At Paulappaloosa, a little while before Nov. 5th, I went up to Ron Paul and said with a smile: "Remember, remember the 5th of November!". His clueless staff made a movement as if to shield him from a threat and asked, rather demanded, "What is the 5th of November?" His staff tried in vain this election season to repeat The Money Bomb, something which has to arise spontaneously from the hearts of the grassroots, and can not be produced by imitation. I believe the shielding by his staff prevented Ron Paul from ever realizing what tremendous support he has. When the people taste Freedom, there is no end to what they can accomplish. The Official Campaign was like a central government, trying to control, and squelching our efforts.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.


The one thing that irritated me in this campaign was the grassroots didn't come together as cohesively as 07. You're correct.. the top down structure halted a lot of the power of the grassroots.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

we just ignored them in Rhode Island

because they sucked so bad in 2007 and we got 25% of the popular vote for Ron Paul. The ONLY primary state to get Ron Paul delegates at all. Thus Ron Paul got 25% of the RI delegates at the RNC.

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Well, P.N, our local grassroots group DID come together, perhaps

MORE cohesively than 07 to be in place to deliver our caucuses & county convention to RonPaul. . .

We didn't need as many "Who's RonPaul?" & "Google RonPaul" signs as in 07, but used our money towards actually going to tampa. Each day & each year brings different needs for our liberty movement and it's OK not to keep on replicating our achievements of the past, imo :-)

And, I'm sure, our most exciting dynamic LIBERTY moment is yet to come. . .

with the faith, hope and LOVE of liberty.