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2012 President: From an Iowa State Senate Candidate

My election for State Senate will also be decided tomorrow here in Iowa, so this post is rather timely all things considered.

I look forward to the thoughtful responses regarding this message that I am used to from my friends at Daily Paul.

I noticed a discussion about who to vote for. A quote comes to mind from the 6th U.S. President John Quincy Adams (eldest son of John Adams 2nd U.S. President).

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” - John Quincy Adams U.S. President

I am not advocating you vote for any candidate other than the one you truly believe in. In politics, as in life, motive and intent determine the nature of events. If we act and vote on fear of something or someone (using that age old "lesser of two evils" argument to swallow that bitter pill) then the resulting action is sure to inferior to an act/vote done out of admiration and faith in someone's message.

Remember this same argument of "vote for the lesser of 2 evils" is being used by all sides to keep their people in line. You probably would not be surprised to find out how many democrats are upset with Obama over the NDAA, Patriot Act renewal, Libya War, indefinite detention, trial without representation, torture, drone strikes, and various other civil rights violations that have told me they are "holding their nose" to vote for Obama. Sound familiar?

One other point to remember is that a person voting 3rd party or write-in is not necessarily "siphoning off votes from Romney". They could in fact be siphoning off votes from Obama. Of course I don't like the term "siphoning off" because I don't believe a voter is somehow "owned" by one of the two major parties. Or that we somehow owe them something because they happen to hold a monopoly of power (yes a monopoly maintained by governmental force, tax dollars, and coercion) in politics.

A political party is first and foremost a vehicle through which we can espouse our political beliefs in commonality with others of the same mind set. While there is variance within most political parties there are some core tenants that they each profess to believe in. Primaries are the struggle over the soul of the parties while General elections are the attempts to get the strongest adherents of the parties ideology (ideally) elected.

This can leave one with the question of where do we go from here?

If you like Romney? Vote for him.
If you like Obama? Vote for him.
If you like Gary Johnson? Vote for him.

If you like Green, Constitution,
and Justice Party Candidates? Vote for them.

If you like a write-in? Vote for him.

If you don't like any of these? Find one you do, or become the one you would.

Oh and btw it is technically the electors who will be deciding the Presidential race (as it has always been). If you really want your vote to have more weight next time I suggest either becoming an elector yourself, or getting to know the elector from your district. If you do decide to do either, please consider brushing up on the true role of government, Austrian Economics, true contextual U.S. History regarding federalism, wars, and taxation, the federalist papers, "The Law" by Bastiat, The Federal Reserve (Books: "The Creature from Jekyll Island", and "End the Fed"), Natural Law (Common Law vs. Corporate Code), and all history regarding wartime governmental growth and the resulting sacrifice of our rights, property, and liberties.

An excellent book expounding the true nature of most wars (especially non defensive ones) was written by Major General USMC Smedley D. Butler (retired). General Butler was awarded two congressional medals of honor and wrote the book: "War is a Racket". Take the time to look this man's history up as well as his advocacy for peace.

One more day and we can start focusing on local elections much more. Please remember this, presidents are not kings. They are not saviors. Prophets and saints are they none. They are moral men. Some people wish for a "strong president". If we are to have a "strong president", let it be one who has the strength of character to resist the temptation of attributing powers unto himself and his office that do not belong. Let it be one who does not wish to simply change which dictator controls the levers of power, but rather one who breaks the levers of power off and hands them back their original source. That source being the consent of the governed, or we the people.

Whomever you vote for just remember, there is a November 7th, and an 8th... Your influence on local elections and city councils can and will be much greater than on the federal level. Barring divine intervention the federal government will continue it's death spiral so I am encouraging others to get ready to insulate your local communities from what is coming down the pike.

I consider myself fortunate indeed to live in such interesting times and with such monumental struggles. Let us be worthy of the times we have been placed in.

Will Johnson

Iowa State Senate
Candidate R-50