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Did Bush Just Trade Weapons in an Attempt to Get More Oil Production Out of the Saudis?

Didn't Bush just agree to supply the Saudis with more weapons? And what guarantee when push comes to shove that the Saudis wouldn't turn our own weapons on us?

Ron Paul is correct, we have to stop doing this. We arm those who we believe are our friends and the enemy of our enemies, only to find out that eventually those weapons we supplied to our so called friends are turned on us.

Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

BTW, isn't one of the main problems we have, not a shortage of oil, but not enough refineries to refine that oil?

Has anyone mentioned this to Bush?

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Most of the terrorist are Saudis

And they want to destroy Israel. Yet he sells them smart bombs and JDAMS so they can destroy Israel. The also just bought 20 billion of Arms from the Russians and the Russians sold Iran S-300 Air defence systems.

All they have to do is cut off oil, bring us financially to our knees and the entire middle east attack Israel, Iraqi's rebel, Iran joins in, Bam! it's a bloodbath of American blood. don't think all the middle east including Egypt, Syria, even Turkey won't join in. As well as the Afghans uprising and about 1/2 of the countries we occupy at one time. These guys are not stupid.

I'd love to play Bush in Chess. He just doesn't think a cenitmeter past his nose.

Time will tell- i am not buying it this time

Dr. Corsi, “According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the proven world oil reserves as of 2005 is 1.3 trillion barrels of oil."

" if only we are prepared to dig deeper—"

Old fields mysteriously replenish... because Crude is a liquid and the pressure will force the Oil Up. Have you heard of pumping water into wells to accelerate this phenomenon...

"Oil is then pushed upward toward the earth’s surface by the intense pressures of the earth’s core and the influence of the centrifugal force that the earth exerted upon the specific gravity of oil as a fluid substance.”

Russia's production will in my opinion be the wild card of the OIL play.

worldwide proven oil reserves
1980 : 645 billion barrels
1985: 670 billion barrels
1990: 1 trillion barrels
1995: 999 billion barrels
2005: 1.28 trillion barrels
2010: ? I bet not less than 1.28

In 2000, oil was discovered off the Caspian Sea. Kashasan holds 38 billion barrels of oil. In Tengiz, 2001 estimates upped total reserves from an earlier estimate of 8 billion barrels to around 19 billion barrels. 2004 estimates increased again to 25 billion barrels.

In 2003, estimates of proven oil reserves were 90 billion barrels. In January 2004, that number was increased to 125.8 billion barrels and later increased in July 2004 to 132 billion barrels.

Trend is up! and that was at 35-45

the new average of 55-75 will blow your mind.

Government subsidizing CORN? Give me a break.

What a government Ripp off at taxpayer expense.


Yea what he did was this:

"Hey Isreal and Palestine, Ya'll need to get along and work out your differences".

"Hey Saudi, just to let Isreal and Palestine know I mean it, heres a bunch of weapons. Oh and by the way, can you give us some more oil the natives are getting restless with the $3.50 a gallon gas, and it might get more expensive when we pummel Iran."

Once again, offsides with the whole 3 times as much aid to arab nations vs. Isreal. What a shmuck.

I think he is

trying to get everyone on board so he can invade Iran.

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Lamb990-Please read Professor Thomas Gold-the Russians did...

What the Russians have done is proven Dr. Thomas Gold's theory on the a-biogenc origins oil. That is, Dr. Gold (now deceased, out of Cornell University) wrote extensively about the deep, hot biosphere and states quite clearly that petroleum is a by-product of deep (and I mean really, really deep) earth processes. Dr. Gold hypothesized--based on his years of research and experience--that the answer to retrieving more oil lay not in digging more wells, but going deeper into existing wells. That is exactly what the Russians have done--they've listened to an American astrophysicist and are now sittin' pretty and sittin' on tons of oil.

Also, some of you may be interested to learn that many of the oil wells around the United States and offshore once thought "dead" are now producing oil once again--having refilled themselves--from the bottom up.

And one last mind-blowing fact--Since petroleum is a by-product of deep earth processes, it does not--I repeat--does not come from rotting plants and dinasaurs.

I'm familiar with the theory. It has little relevance.

Nowhere in my writing did I argue that oil was from fossils. Even if the abiogenic theory is correct, that doesn't mean the supply isn't finite, and it doesn't mean that existing deposits are all re-filling. Either way, it's likely that oil takes millions of years to form, and we're pumping it faster than it's forming. As stated, going deeper means higher cost and greater energy input. The return diminishes as the depth increases. There is a practical limit, dictated by the EROEI regardless of where the oil comes from.

Right on!

There is also the fact that there is more oil in Alaska in one pool than there is in all of Saudi Arabia. There are multiple pools, as well as massive natural gas resources. The whole EROEI doesn't apply...how can it be more cost effective to tranship resources worldwide when we have pipelines in place? Dance, puppet. Dance.

The Retrocon
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The Retrocon
Hope for America, Ron Paul for President in 2008!


"There is also the fact that there is more oil in Alaska in one pool than there is in all of Saudi Arabia."
I'm interested to know where you got that info. I'll bet it's not true.

He's referring I beleive to the claims of Lindsey Williams

This is a man who has written a book called "The Energy Non-Crisis". I watched some videos on this subject but have not fact checked any of it- so cannot comfortably validate the claims- but the idea is that there was discovered in AK the 3rd largest oil pool in the world. Apparently the beleif is that a war on Iran will prevent them from crippling the American economy by introducing cheap oil in euros in February 08 - again I can in no way substantiate any of that - but that I beleive is what his / her post is referring to. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2ca_1180230181&c=1

This is absolutely NOT true

This is absolutely NOT true ---- I think, living here in Alaska and having worked up there, I would have heard of this before.

The fact is, it is well-proven that North America as a whole had pumped the majority of the oil that has ever existed here. No amount of drilling is going to change that fact. It would simply be tinkering at the margins of the problem --- you know, like the Dems and other Repubs like to do with every other challenge facing us.

What does

the government of Israel think about this? How do you deny that our foreign policy is kind of confusing?.

Could it be that Dubya's trip to Saudi and sell them weapons is.



Hey, next to debt it's like our biggest export.

The pentagon's about tapped out and the boys at Martin-Marrietta need to pay for their Christmas parties!

The greed of these people boggles the mind!


I follow the Doctors belief on Consensus and he explains it is seldom right.

Peak Oil is a myth.

Peak Oil at 22 dollars? Maybe.

But at 50 to 75 dollars a host of new field that were not feasible suddenly appear. Russia now claims to have more reserves than Saudi Arabia and only a very tiny fraction has been explored.

I lived through the 1980 and sold many partnerships with this theory. The smartest minds said that it was only up from there. (30-35) and after touching 41 it dropped consistently for the following 15 years as new supplies suddenly appeared. All the partnerships went bust.

The peak oil of the 80's was based on 10 dollar crude. At 20, suddenly crude came out of no where.

So much for that consensus. The best bet is to bet against the consensus. There are so many similarities in the verbiage and investments it gives me the creeps. Oil sands, Wind, Solar, etc.

Lets see what happens but I seriously doubt we will run out of oil in our lifetimes. At 80- 100 watch out. I see the same outcome.

All you have demonstrated is

that you have no clue about peak oil theory, and that you agree with the PR coming out of the Bush administration and Exxon/Mobil.
If you spent even an hour learning about it, you'd learn that no one is talking about running out of oil. The information you cite is irrelevant. The fact is that on an annual basis, less than a third of production is replaced by new discoveries, and this disparity is increasing. Yes, Russia, and the US & Canada, have lots more oil, but it will never be produced at past rates, and is much more expensive and energy-intensive to produce. There is a seldom-recognized reality at play known as EROEI (energy return on energy invested). This means that as the amount of energy needed to produce 1 btu-equivalent of oil approaches 1 btu, it doesn't matter how much oil is left in the ground, the game is over. The days of the light sweet crude gushing out of the ground under pressure are coming to an end, and as time goes on the oil will become more expensive and energy-intensive to produce. Most of the oil discoveries of the past decades is oil sands, oil shale, and deepwater deposits, many of which are still waiting for technology to enable production. In the case of the tar sands in Canada and Russia, production is only possible because of an excess capacity of natural gas, which is burned in massive quantities, combined with massive amounts of fresh water, to liberate the oil from the sand. As natural gas supplies become tighter, this will cease to be a viable process, at least at anywhere near the current price. I could cite many other examples, but maybe you're getting the idea...

What would give you that idea?


Wasn't he supposed to be on a mission of Peace?

How is handing out another $50 billion in military aid going to do anything but end up in more conflict?

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Obviously you haven't been watching enough TV...

more weapons = more peace, especially when the weapons are to defend democracy by keeping dictators in power.
Haven't you been listening to The Decider???


The Decider thing would be funny if it weren't so ugly and sad.


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It looked that way

to me too. He's just trying to hold off the crash until he gets out of office.

20 billion Arms deal to saudis


When Bush asked Saudis to pump more Oil OPEC responded, there is no need, we could pump 2 million more a day but the supply chain is FULL.

Crude quickly dropped 3 bucks today and gasoline 7 cents

Lack of Oil is a diversion to maintain high prices so Arab 'freinds" can pay for the expensive arm purchases. Oil has a 30 dollar War premium.

We need the Doctor NOW!

I wish that were true, but it's not...

I've been following peak oil theory for 10 years, and know that the best minds in the business agree that world oil production is near it's maximum and will soon begin to decline, irreversibly. The only disagreement is whether it'll be this year or a few years in the future. If you look at US production, it peaked in 1970 and has declined ever since, with a minor bump on the graph from Prudhoe Bay. World production will follow a similar curve. There will be a period at the top of the curve, maybe a decade, where the decline isn't evident yet. But with the rising demand in India and China, and in many other developing countries, even a leveling-off of production will mean major shortages. Many of the experts on Saudi production believe that they are deceiving the public, and in fact do not have any excess production capacity. If true, then the peak in worldwide production is here now.
It is true that some of the reason for the high prices of the past few years is a shortage of refinery capacity. But that is because the major oil companies are not building new refineries, knowing that within a few years there will be crude shortages. Same goes for new oil tankers.

How much of that was from domestic tap shutoffs? (nt)

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

Many domestic taps were shut off in the '70s...

but that doesn't change the current implications. Domestic production still would've peaked in the early 70s. It's all the same economics at play. Many domestic wells were slowing, and weren't economical to keep in production compared to the Middle East. So for the oil majors, the greener pastures made sense. But many of those domestic wells are back in production now, operated by the smaller, regional oil companies. In the overall scheme, the contribution to production is miniscule.
If you want an idea of what the future holds for oil production, look at the Cantarell field, Mexico's largest, or Britain's North Sea production. Both Britain and Mexico will be oil importers within a decade. The same story is true around the world.

Arms for Oil

Yes I have to agree with that statement. It just pains me every time I hear about what he is doing over there.

Weapons for oil ... great diplomacy buddy!


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The only thing Bush and all his advisors have done

in the Middle East is to destabilize it even more with the war in Iraq and all his rhetoric when it comes to Iran.

In my opinion, Bush needs to keep his mouth shut and use the brain the Good Lord gave him... that is if it hasn't all ready been pickled in booze.

Remember: 15 of 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia

According to the official US Government story of 9/11, 15 of the 19 "hijackers" were from Saudi Arabia!!! Now, Bush intends to sell $20 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia!! Treason, plain and simple. In law, treason is the crime of disloyalty to one's nation. A person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered to be a traitor.


Love Saudi people

Hate the dictator led government they have. I'd say they are getting payment for the next blackflag op.


Shouldn't that be false flag

Shouldn't that be false flag op?


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