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Obama and Civil Liberties: The Prospect of Four More Years

Obama and Civil Liberties: The Prospect of Four More Years

By Anthony Gregory | Tuesday October 30, 2012 at 2:11 PM PST

Most voters prioritize the economy and far behind that comes foreign policy, where both major presidential candidates offer more of the same. One can make arguments that on these important issues, one side is worse than the other. But another important set of issues, those of civil liberties, has gotten much less attention than jobs, health care, or war. This is unfortunate because precedents set today on questions of law enforcement, presidential power, detention policy, surveillance, and the relationship between national-security approaches and due process will forever affect the character of American political culture and its governing institutions. In the very long term, civil liberties issues are as important as any, and in the very short term, they often mean life or death, torture or humane treatment, imprisonment or freedom, for flesh-and-blood individuals.

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"Mitt “double Guantánamo”

"Mitt “double Guantánamo” Romney has no apparent philosophical objection to the Bush-Obama police state, to militarized law enforcement, to a president with truly despotic authority. Neither does Obama. Romney could very well prove to be worse in practice, but at least he’d run the risk of people noticing. At least the debate over civil liberties would return."

Bullshit. How soon they forgot bush, and now defend obama with the continuation of those anti-civil liberties. Anyone But Obama - do you really think they 'care', aside from the R after his name?

republicans and democrats alike are sheep of tptb and msm. They are truely lost.

One can not understand and accept the answers unless they are sought. Trying to educate, to teach, to show them the facts, remains fruitless.

We are the irate minority. I presume that we will always be. That does not mean that we can't win - we will need to be more cohesive than we have been this election season.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul