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Montana Legislative Referendum 120

I picked up my ballot a week ago here in Montana and we have some real tough Legislative Referendums to vote on. I usually only care about federal politics since I move around so much; and that at least remains constant wherever you go. Federal issues are so much more cut and dry for me. I am a libertarian all the way when it comes to federal issues since the law of the land is pretty much a libertarian document. I am a big believer in state's rights and personal liberty as well. But I have never really cared to give that much thought to what I would do at the state/local level when the U. S. constitution is no longer prohibiting a few "reasonable" laws.

I was hoping to get some insight from some folks here on the Daily Paul as to how you would vote. Or maybe from some other Montanans as to how they are voting. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I have to hand it in tomorrow. Thanks.

Here is the first one (summarized):
LR-120 prohibits a physician from performing an abortion on a minor under 16 years of age unless a physician notifies a parent or legal guardian of the minor at least 48 hours prior to the procedure. Notice is not required if: (1)there is a medical emergency; (2)it is waived by a youth court in a sealed proceeding; or (3)it is waived by the parent of quardian. A person who performs an abortion in violation of the act, or who coerces a minor to have an abortion, is subject to criminal procecution and civil liability.

I need to vote yes or no or leave blank, I guess. If this were a federal attempt at the law I would be whole heartedly apposed. As far as I know this is probably constitutionaly fine in MT. I am leaning in favor currently, but could be swayed.
You are not an adult in MT until 18, so you need a parent or guardian for just about any decision of consequence already. You are getting a potentially harmful procedure done and something could go wrong. I also assume that you can still do as you choose, it is just that your guardian needs to be informed first. This seams reasonable to me. But, the state will grow, I would assume. New laws and penalties and usually not good. How would you vote?

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The Libertarian Party website discusses this,

and agrees that there is no clear libertarian "yes" or "no" argument, so you are in good company being undecided about this issue.


Would require parental notification before a minor has an abortion. Libertarians may differ on rights of minors versus rights of parents in this case.

I would personally vote "yes" ... My rationale is that it is a safeguard to protect a child. I would not want a "transaction" between a doctor and my 15-year-old child going on behind my back. I could think of some even better examples, e.g., think about tattoos. I would certainly want anybody selling a tattoo to my teenager to be required to tell me as well ... IMO, it's not so much a matter of minor's rights vs. parents rights, but I would not want a person running a business to take advantage of my child by trying to sell them something that they may regret later. Same thing with drugs. I am fine with drugs being legal, but people making a profit by selling these things should not be taking advantage of naive minors.

Thanks for the link.

Seams like I am in good company on my votes so far. I did just vote yes as well. Thanks.

Lastly, I voted against LR

Lastly, I voted against LR 121 which would attempt to create an Arizona-like documentation process for "illegal aliens" in Montana. Actually, the term "illegal aliens" should read undocumented workers since legitimate citizens will eventually be entrapped by this legislation as well. The federal government refuses to enforce the borders because the chaos entices states to enact legislation which leads to an environment where EVERY worker will eventually be documented. India now has mandatory biometric identification and abuse of their welfare state was the excuse. Reduce the welfare state and the problem mitigates itself without the need for documentation at all.

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Minors need parental consent for field trips,...

driving, dental, and all other medical procedures. The vote about this was straight forward for me. I would want to know. Thanks for asking.

Initiative 166 was the most

Initiative 166 was the most difficult decision for me. I voted in favor of it despite the flaws. The definition of incorporation can be further addressed later. Currently, the mass media has far too much influence in political decisions. I'm pleased to have participated regardless of the outcome or despite the potential fraud.

BTW, I voted for Johnson for POTUS despite some hefty disagreements. I just can not stomach neither Romney nor Obama. Good luck, America!

I am torn over that one as well

The deck is stacked against us pretty badly, that is for sure. We don't seam to have many ways to fight back, eiher. Maybe Inititive 166 is one of those ways; even though it is not my ideal solution either.

I don't think a 16 year old should deal with that decision

without their parent ever. The only reason they don't want to tell the parents is they will get in trouble. As a teen who only cares about "getting in trouble", an abortion is a much bigger decision that will hold LIFELONG thoughts whether good,bad,sad or mad.

Think back at when you were 16 and how "old" you felt you were but then remember all the terrible decisions you made on your own. I would feel terrible if my daughter was so scared to tell me she got knocked up she would rather have an abortion.

At the fed level? for sure get that out of here! but local state is where our real opinions can be voted on. That is what I hope America will return to, anytime you leave one city and enter another they might live by different rules based on their local environments and lifestyles and if you don't agree you can either VOTE or LEAVE and locate somewhere more in line with your personal local views.

I don't think 18 year olds make adult decisions either. I didn't feel capable until after I was 30 and odds are when I am 40 I will laugh at my 30 year old actions, then 50 laughing at myself when I was 40 and so on.

16 is old enough to drive, get drunk and make mistakes in life all of which I would hope a caring parent would be around still guiding the child as best they can so they don't make too many mistakes that can actually alter their life for the worst.

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Pretty much how I feel

Thanks for the reply.