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Spread the truth: Obamney 2012

"The show is the same every four years, but with a different cast. By the end of a president’s first term, about half the country is sick and tired of him and wants a new face in the White House, no matter who that replacement may be. The entire country is swept up in political fervor, as those who otherwise never read or utter a word about history, economics, philosophy, or psychology, suddenly try to act politically informed. They parrot what is said by the Pharisees and pundits they see on TV, hear on the radio, and read about in the newspaper.
One of the opinions that the masses are given in always that THIS election is totally unrivaled in its importance; that the fate of the country is at hand. We’re told that our two choices are polar opposites: one is a big-government socialist who wants to tax everything we own, the other is an elitist millionaire who wants to leave all the poor and elderly struggling in the streets. I can’t really think of a reason to ever take what a politician says at face value unless he has a spotless, consistent record (Ron Paul, anyone?). The paid-for media and other politicians convince the public that this guy is different. He’s the real deal. They say all this while ignoring both candidates’ schizophrenic records and repeatedly broken promises."

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I've already printed this article out and started handing it out to my neighbors today. It's still not too late, people.

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