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It is time to get fired up again

remember if we keep building support for Ron Paul there is a good chance he will switch over and run as an independent if that is what it takes to become president. I see more and more signs everywhere
the support is great. I am sign waving this weekend and passing literature on Ron Paul. We are winning keep going!

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Ill never quit! Ron Paul is

Ill never quit! Ron Paul is starting to look good to people with all the stuff taking place everyday. I constantly hear rush talking about a cadidate that we need but dont have running in this campaign and he describes Ron paul exactly. I dont know what is going on here... So it is up to me and you to do what needs to be done and get Ron Paul elected. It is not over til its over! He has a better chance the longer he is in this thing. I belive he can win 100% the media is trying to makes us lose hope by their remarks. Dont let them win! Ron Paul has what it takes. Lets do this!!

I - won't - back - down!

I - won't - back - down!

Perfect Post!