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HELP: Last Chance for Ron Paul's Delaware Pick

Friends of Liberty,

This note just came in from one of our WADE phone volunteers:

"Since Friday I've now talked to 100 Undecideds who are seriously checking out Mr. Kevin now!! THEY'RE STILL OUT THERE!!! Something special is happening in Delaware!!!"

I can't make you do anything, but....

What will YOU be doing tonight? Will you Fight for Freedom, just for one night?

We have a special moment here in Delaware. Kevin Wade is one of the very few Constitutional Conservatives running this year, willing to walk into the cesspool of bureaucrats known as Washington, D.C. and fight for everything we believe in.

His devotion to our founding principles is so strong, the Champion of the Constitution and former Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, recently endorsed him. That speaks volumes.

Go to http://callforconservatives.com/?id=3603 and create an account by entering your information on the right side of the page. Then when finished go back to the same page and click on "join this team", then choose Kevin's list from the drop-down box. You will then see the name and number of the person to call as well as the short script. When done click "save and next" and you're off and running!

If you have ANY issues with logging in or making calls, one of our staff is taking the lead at this point, so feel free to call him at 804-247-1469.

Please CALL THESE VOTERS around New Castle County, Delaware: http://callforconservatives.com/?id=3603

The need for limited government has never been so strong since our revolution in 1776. Delaware's chance to have such a limited government Senator has not been so good in decades.

This is our last night. Please make it count.

For Liberty,

Eric Boye

P.S. Please go to http://callforconservatives.com/?id=3603 and make as many calls as possible. The instructions are on the screen and easy to follow. There's no time left, we need this victory for Liberty.

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