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Need Help on who to vote for in L.A., County; CA. Any Suggestions?

If you're aware of a site I can go to w/suggestions on who are the candidates I should vote for in California, specifically, Southern CA., I would be grateful. I always come to the DP and always get the best info. I also need voting advice on the other propositions. I know and have been passing around fliers for YES on 37. Please help w/the other props, if possible. Thanks!

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Well, Ron Paul is a certified write in candidate in CA and I

wrote him in.... I'll check about candidates in general, but it will depend on your district who is on your ballot. Here is a discussion some people were having at RPF about the CA propositions - wide variety of opinions, here and there: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?390960-californi...

I had the disgusting choice of Berman or Sherman and had I a third party option would have taken it, but as it was, Berman voted against NDAA and for Ron's Audit (finally after not saying he would until the calls pushed for it) so I ultimately worked through my nausea and voted AGAINST the guy who both voted for NDAA and against Ron's audit (Sherman) Not sure what races you were asking about.

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Thanks for the info ...

much appreciated!