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This forum is designed badly.

Posts stay in this forum only for a few seconds before they disappear. Many have complained about it. Please post here.


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bad design, or exceeded expectations?

Perhaps the design is basic, nothing special, and yes there should be people working with "Manystrom" or whoever founded the site to come up with ideas for improvements, or a way we can vote on good articles. Thus, the negative articles, the gossipy articles, and perhaps even ones about other candidates rather tha Ron Paul out of the way.... Improvements, yes needed, but we need this forum and others, we need this exchange of information, I think the traffic here has gone over what was predicted, as has been noted by some.

But what truly is a blessing is that all of us care so much about our country!

I'm on ronpaulforum also

and there isn't any major traffic over there. You can read new posts in about 5 minutes. This forum has such high traffic that you can't keep items on the front page... but most of the time items of importance get bumped to the front all day long. This is a good forum setup. I've never had a problem with the search ... seems to work just fine for me.


The post I read just a

The post I read just a minute ago disappeared into a black hole. How many are posting per minute here? I did not see this kind of traffic a couple of weeks ago.

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Not nice !

Some people on this forum are also members at ronpaulforums too, and they shuttle back and forth sharing goodies from each forum to help Ron Paul get into office. Each format is unique in itself, so if you don't like this forum style, tough ! You sound like you're driving a wedge between the 2 forums, not nice at all !

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We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

what I dont like of this

what I dont like of this forum is that the search box does not work.

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Sharp ... apparently the design works just fine considering the amount of traffic ...


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I actually like this format better.

Posts remain in the forum.

You're just looking at the front page.

Go to: http://www.dailypaul.com/forum to see previous posts.

I like the tabloid design of this site better than the typical forum design.

Of course Ron Paul Forums is active and lively. So is this place. It's neither better nor worse, just different. To each their own.

Sorry you think this place is "designed badly". I disagree. It's just not your cup of tea.


I wouldn't say that it is designed badly. Its just that there is too much traffic.