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Real Id Act Will Be Implemented In Two Months In 2013!

Our efforts to postpone its deadline about three times has been successful. But we cannot let the infamous REAL ID be enforced! We need to alert the Liberty movement about this!!

It's been 7 years since it was signed by Bush and it was pushed back from May 2008, from December 2009, from May 2011, to January 2013. Why? Because the states were fighting back against this for obvious reasons. We cannot sit still and wait until REAL ID is finally enforced. If it is enforced by January 2013, it's over for our 4th and 10th Amendment rights (yeah, the Patriot Act already did away with it).

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REAL ID is not dead

I've been fighting it in Florida for over 2 years. I've written legislation to rid us of it. The 2013 version is called the RIDE Act (REAL ID Elimination).

If (a big if) this is important to those in the liberty movement, then they must move off their wallets to help us to move it through the legislatures. This law can and must be nullified at the state level- the Republicans in congress have shown they will not do anything on their end. Even if they did, the state laws are still on the books.

We can do it, but like anything else in life it costs time and money to do it.

Paul Henry
Paul Henry & Associates
Liberty Lobbyists in Tallahassee, FL

I don't live in Florida, but

I don't live in Florida, but I wish you good luck for your battle against the REAL ID. My state, Virginia, already nullified it back in 2009 when Tim Kaine was Governor.

I think GA's

already started it. I had to renew my license 9-29 and it was a pain in the @ss.

From the GA DMV website

"1.Effective July 1, 2012, resulting from Federal requirements for the Real ID Act, DDS will begin issuing Secure ID Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards, Customers who are renewing or applying for the first time, must visit a DDS Customer Service Center in person and present documents proving identity, social security number and residential address. Click here for more information."