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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura : Reptilian All New Episode Wednesday @10pm Est On Tru Tv

Never heard of this conspiracy theory, but either way; It'll be interesting and a must watch. Watch it with an open mind and take everything with a grain of salt. And yes, I will be watching this instead of South Park/playing Halo 4.

Jesse Ventura just posted this on Facebook after revealing what the first show was going to be about:

"After reading the comments about my last two posts I strongly suggest everyone watch the show before you judge it's content or me. After the show airs let the discussions and arguments begin."


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Hope there arent any Icke

Hope there arent any Icke fans here lol

i'm a fan. i've seen the

i'm a fan. i've seen the reptilians. but it doesn't matter, someone downvoted me because i said that i saw them.

i was with the illuminati and i saw them. they even joked about shapeshifting. i think i may have shapeshifted too because they thought i was an astor. my father's family were royalty in europe, but they weren't kings, but they were counts and barons. so maybe i have some of those bloodlines too.

just saying. they exist.


The reptillians are inter

The reptillians are inter dimensional beings who control people on the planet to implement fear which they wish to use as sustenance. Americans are the most scared fearful people on Earth by far.