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Who Should I Vote For In The Non-Presidential Races In NY?

I'm pretty sure there was a "list of liberty candidates" on here at some point. I'm trying to figure out who to vote for in the other races.


Kristen Gillibrand
Wendy Long
Colia Clark
Chris Edes
John Mangelli
Justices Of The Supreme Court:

Manuel J Mendez
Saliann Scarpulla
Shlomo Hagler
George Silver

Rite Mella
Judge Of The Civil Court- Country (vote for any 3)

Verna Saunders
Ani Singh
Melissa Crane
Representative In Congress:

Carolyn Maloney
Christopher Wight
State Senator:

Liz Krueger
David Paul Garland
Member of the Assembly:

Dan Quart
David Casavis
Judge of The Civil Court (Vote For Any 2)

Arthur Engoron
Shawn T Kelly

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I found the list of liberty candidates


My votes will go to:
[] Chris Edes Senate
[] David Casavis State Assembly Dist 73

I'm still deciding on RP write-in vs GJ.