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"We only heard about the debt when Ron Paul was running for President and even then

we didn't hear about it because the media ignored him!"

In this mornings's CBS Washington DC metro drive time radio interview Ron Paul and Austrian Economics are discussed as well as the results of government intervention in the economy and the current sorry state of Presidential politics.


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NOW, we start hearing a little about the "fiscal cliff"

Glad Bloomberg interviewed ron paul on this

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Tonight should have been the eve before Ron Paul

got elected. If he had the nomination, you can be sure by now he'd be way ahead in the polls.....

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Other good lines from the show

Imagine if the government guaranteed loans for computers, they'd be $20,000 each.

Blaming austerity for the poor economy is like blaming medicine for the illness

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another good line

On Obama: "He thinks his job isn't to do his job, its to get reelected"

"If you think a President of 300 million people is going to help YOU, you are delusional."

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They didn't say it but I will say it..

It should have been Ron.....

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the problem with austerity is

the problem with austerity is that the wealthy in this nation and in Europe never experience it!

correct cronny capitalists don't get their benefits &

subsidies cut off, but the masses will.
The only way to a true free market is to dramatically reduce the size of the federal government so that it doesn't have money to pay out favors to rich (for campaign donations)and poor (for votes)

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Austerity is also unfair because the regular people

relied on the handout for their existence, the crony capitalist rely on their handout for their profits.

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the issues left the campaign when Ron Paul

drop out....

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Makes you realize that the real issues would not have

been talked about and indeed this radio show content would not have existed but for them being exposed to Ron Paul

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This is why the Mises institute and this web site are so

Important to keep the message of liberty alive
there really aren't many quality outlets

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Another good site is the foundation for economic freedom

The web site is fee.org and was co founded by Henry hazlitt

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Reason Magazine is not a

bad organization either

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Not a big fan of the Cato Institute

It is well funded I think by the Koch brothers

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We are hearing about FEMA and whether disasters are good for the

We know Ron Paul thinks FEMA does more harm than good and that ron Paul is fully versed in nastier and hazlitts expositions on the broken window fallacy

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