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Ron Paul write-in moment: Who looks more presidential? That's who will win election 2012

As the 11th hour draws nigh for election 2012, #IWillNotVoteForObama trends on Twitter Sunday and #LielikeMitt takes center stage Monday, while the the Republicrats and Democryns scramble to get people out to vote, even going so far as to use fear tactics and admissions that the other may win.

According to Bloomberg Business Week, Obama threw out the scare tactic, "If we don't turn out the vote, we could lose a lot of the gains we've already made." You know, similarly to the car salesman that says, "I can't guarantee the car will be here tomorrow, you better sign the papers now." As of course, he knows that particular vehicle has been sitting way too long and isn't going anywhere, but the push for that commission is on.

With 18 electoral votes at stake in Ohio, just seven miles will separate the two in Columbus Monday evening as they attempt to show the crowd they are the better twin. I mean really, isn't that how the average American votes--goes kind of like, "Who would look better in the White House, Tweedledee or Tweedledum?"

Speaking of the two "Tweedles," Read more: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/13333593-who-looks...

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