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For All Who Will be Writing-In Ron Paul!

If you are going to write-in Ron Paul on election day and would like to prevent voter fraud, you need to visit this website to learn more. www.ronpaulvotecount.org You will need to print off an affidavit and take it with you to your local polling location to fill it out. It will need to be notarized before being uploaded to their website. This is a great opportunity to expose the vote fraud!

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Hey Marylanders...

I just looked at the ballot and it says "Write-In". Can we write in Ron Paul? I would love to be able to do that since Mitt has no chance in this state. I was under the impression that we couldn't.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

you should be able to look this up on Maryland elections site

In many states (like Oregon) write-ins are counted as a group and not individually. So they don't count for Ron Paul. In other states they need to be a certified write-in candidate in order to be counted.

If there is a space then you CAN write him in but chances are it won't be counted for Ron Paul.

I feel sorry for Oklahoma. Their ballot only has Obama and Romney on it and no write-in option.

I missed the "approved" list at the end of the ballot...

...and Ron Paul was not listed...therefore would not be counted. So, with this said and realized, and given the "no chance" status of Romney in this very Blue state, I felt no need to stand in front of him by voting for Obama.

I therefore held one nostril and voted for Johnson.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


Certified Candidate in California He has my vote

Wrong affidavits...

That site provides old affidavits pertaining to the primaries and caucus exit polls. There is another Ron Paul write-in site that provides a pre-made affidavit for the general election: http://writeinron2012.com/writeinBlog/

This form is also set up for Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode supporters. Just click on the red "Get Affidavit" button in the top right-hand corner to see the printable pdf.

Feel free to reuse any resources/ideas that I post on the DailyPaul on other networking sites.

If you have a camera

If you have a camera, take pictures for verification, and prosperity :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

you mean posterity

you mean posterity

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

After you write him in,

please toss your ballot in the trash on your way out.
Or you could vote libertarian and give us a voice in the next election.

Formerly rprevolutionist

This sounds...

This sounds no better than the repubs/democrats. "Vote libertarian." What if I don't like the Libertarian candidate? What if I have several important disagreements with him? Your statement is as silly as the others who say "vote dem!" or "vote repub!"

The intelligent individuals say, "Vote for the individual who best represents your views."

And for me, that individual is not Gary Johnson. He may be for you and several others; and that is perfectly fine. But I took a lesson from Ron Paul; stick to your principles. If Johnson shares those principles, vote for him. If someone else does, vote for them.

My vote means more than "getting a voice" or "making a statement." I'm genuinely voting for the person who would best represent me as President of The United States. And that person, for me, is Congressman Ron Paul.

Vote libertarian to help

Vote libertarian to help break us out of the 2 sided coin! please! We all know Johnson won't win, but let's stop with the "only 2 choice" option!
Help to get other candidates in the running, not just the banker chosen.

Formerly rprevolutionist

I will work...

I will work to end the two party system to the best of my abilities; but I will never do so by compromising my principals.

then why not vote for jesus?

then why not vote for jesus? i'm being serious.


Because his kingdom is not of this world. (I thought some would enjoy that 'witty' answer.)

On a serious note, your comment implies that my action is simply voting for 'anyone' who represents my values. However, that is an entirely mis-conceived belief. I'm still voting for a presidential candidate; an individual who is certified (though maybe not in every state) to receive votes in this election. This individual has also stated that he would take the role if [somehow] voted in.

The comparison you made, while I understand your train of thought, is entirely flawed. If Ron Paul wasn't certified or said "I would not assume the role if voted in", I obviously would not be voting for him. However, he is a candidate (maybe not in your state); thus I will vote for the candidate who best represents me.

i'm glad you see where i am

i'm glad you see where i am coming from with my statement. just don't be one of those people who will write-in dr. paul every election and expect progress, ok?