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A response to "your responsible for Obama being reelected"

It really doesn't matter who I vote for, the Electoral College will vote for whoever they want to, its not like my independent vote will be acknowledged by them anyways.

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your versus you're? seriously

your versus you're?

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The Electoral College is not the problem

in fact, it is a pretty good idea. My response is that I'm responsible for my actions, not others. I didn't cause Obama to win anymore than they did by not voting for Gary Johnson like I did. It isn't my fault their candidate sucked.

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The electoral college

is a safeguard. This is not a democracy or even a direct democracy. Why people care more about electing a president than they do their own governors is beyond me. The presidency was supposed to be a weak position and the states were to have the most authority, but since the people slowly started to look at the president as the "All powerful King," governors are just figure heads. The electoral college is similar to the primaries and in some states (like Maine and Nebraska) caucuses. I would like to see every state award their electoral votes proportionally rather than winner take all, but other than that I rather have that than the popular vote.

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