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Will California Prop 37 backfire on the free market?

I have a question for Daily Paul, and I desire your thoughts on it. Will prop 37 of California (GMO labeling) backfire on the free market? What I mean by this is, there are companies out there, farmers and corporations, who already label their product with information on whether or not it is GMO, though it's not many. If prop 37 passes, forcing everyone else to label their food, will that cause SALES of the companies that already did it to drop? Ron Paul has stated many times that the free market is the best regulator, so should we listen to George W Bush and Paul Ryan and go against our free market values to save the free market? Or in this situation, save our health? I agree that we need to know what we our eating, and that I would love to see everything labeled, but I am not so sure if I want the government forcing it on businesses. I decided to see if I could shop for Organic and other food that our labeled Non-GMO, and see if I could purchase everything on my check list. I succeeded, with the exception of just a few items. 5 out of 100 items I went to buy, I found were labeled "Non-GMO", and that was without Government intervention. Please tell me what you think.