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Lou Dobbs

What do people think about Lou Dobbs? I haven't heard anything particularly negative or positive about the guy but from what I can tell he's one of the "good guys". The DP wasn't happy (me included) when Judge Nap's show on Fox was canceled but I'm pretty sure he was replaced by Lou Dobbs.

If I remember correctly, Dobbs is one of the people who signed on for there to be another investigation of 9/11. In addition check out the video below (titled "Lou Dobbs asks WHY media doesn't cover North American Union").


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IMO he was a one trick pony.

IMO he was a one trick pony. All he ever talked about was immigration. Night after night..after night. I always thought that illegal immigrants were the children, and the Romneys etc.(who hired the illegal garderners, nannys etc) were the parents..and who are we to blame??? the children or the parents????

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Kind of a luddite

I don't claim to know all that much about him, but I do remember hearing him whine about immigrants and robots stealing jobs. Clearly, he hasn't read anything by Henry Hazlitt.

I don't listen to him much, but he seems much better than most

At least when I have heard him he seems to be taking an honest look at things even if I don't agree with his conclusions.

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