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Post - Election Day Open Thread - Obama Wins; The Ron Paul Factor; Nullification in WA + CO;

Please contribute your news, observations and insights below:

Well everyone, this is IT! Election day. Did you vote? Was it crowded? What did you see / hear / observe? Please post your news, updates and insights below. If there is a specific issue you'd like to address, please feel free to start a new thread, but first check to see that it hasn't been posted already.

Thank you everyone, for everything.


Poll: Romney 49, Obama 48
Rasmussen has Romney at 49%, Obama trailing by 1, and 2% for everybody else (Libertarian, Green, etc.)

http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obam... h/t Drudge

Poll: Dead heat in battleground states
Politico/GW University poll shows 47% apiece for Romney and Obama in the battleground states. Interestingly, Romney grabs independents at 47 percent to 32 percent, a change from 2008 when Obama was strong with independents.

A failure to break 50% usually means trouble for the incumbent, but this race could go any which way.

http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/83380.html h/t Drudge

First Results from NH: Tie
Continuing with the tie theme, the first results from the first town to vote in NH, Dixville-Notch: President Obama 5, Gov. Romney, Virgil Goode 0, Gary Johnson 0.

This is the first time that Dixville-Notch has voted a tie; is this a harbinger of things to come?


Third Parties: A Waste of Time?
Libertarian professor Randy Barnett says in the WSJ that third parties are a waste in the first-past-the-post system. Rather, libertarians should work to move the two existing parties toward liberty views.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian and Constitution parties have earned enough votes in past elections in Missouri to register candidates on par with the GOP and the Democrats. Third-party votes could reach 6% in Missouri this year.

What effect do you think third-party votes have on the election(s) this year?

Ron Paul: Best-Of Compilation
Here's best-of compilation of Ron Paul videos as we face this election that doesn't feature him on even a Congressional ballot for the first time in a long time: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL712F9B27550BCB07

Obama Predicted to Win Ohio
CBS News is predicting Obama will win Ohio. Without Ohio, it makes it very difficult for Romney to win.

Obama Wins Battleground States
NBC News reports Obama winning in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The GOP failed to take over the Senate, with a 50-50 tie being broken by Vice President Joe Biden.

Third Parties Poll 1.5%, Could Decide Election
Third parties are polling 1.5% in Ohio, and could decide the election. Caveat: Johnson is polling 0.9%. Added to Romney's 48.6%, it still doesn't match Obama's 49.8%.

Liberty Candidate Kerry Bentivolio Wins in Michigan
Preliminary results put Bentivolio (R, MI) US House candidate over the top.

Ron Paul Republican Justin Amash Stays
Liberty Republican Justin Amash keeps his US house seat in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Anti-Obamacare Propositions Mostly Pass
Thinkprogress whines about anti-Obamacare propositions on the ballot on Election Day: "Wyoming’s Amendment A, Florida’s Amendment 1, Alabama’s Amendment 6, and Montana’s Measure LR-122 would all prohibit state residents and employers from being forced to purchase insurance or participate in any externally-imposed health care system.

In Missouri, Proposition E seeks to prevent the state from instituting its own health insurance exchange."

Wyoming Amendment A passes
Ballotopedia link

Florida Amendment 1 fails to get 60%, getting only 48%
Ballotopeida link

Alabama Amendment 6 passes
Ballotopedia link

Montana Measure LR-122 passes 176,456 for and 92,020 against
Ballotopedia link

Missouri Proposition E passes with 62%
Ballotopedia link

Ron Paul NH Chairman Andy Sanburn Wins
Andy Sanburn (R) wins another term to the NH Senate. He scraped past Lee Nyquist with 15,435 votes to Nyquist's 15,225, requiring a recount. Sanburn has been a key liberty ally in the first primary state.

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Eh, I thought McCain/2008 was

Eh, I thought McCain/2008 was supposed to be the end of the GOP-as-we-know-it. I guess bad horror films spin off many many sequels. I expect 2016 to be no different.

I expected a loss in 08 after

I expected a loss in 08 after the Bush travesty. But the Republicans lost to one of the worse presidents in the history of the United States...next to Woodrow Wilson.

Never has a president been re elected with a record like Obama. This is truly a day in history.

Dear friend, Please do not

Dear friend,
Please do not leave the GOP. We still have a lot of work to do. With 4 more years of Obama, we have a good chance at taking over and rebuilding the GOP so we can elect a liberty candidate in 2016.


You can't be serious. The GOP is over.

It's an idea thats time has passed.

The GOP is vulnerable right

The GOP is vulnerable right now. Now is the time.

SteveMT's picture

So far: Coloradans legalize recreational marijuana use

Amendment 64 approved: Coloradans legalize recreational marijuana use
Posted: 11/06/2012
Last Updated: 27 minutes ago
By: Alan Gathright

DENVER - Colorado voters are passing Amendment 64, legalizing recreational marijuana use.

Amendment 64 was leading nearly 53 percent to 47 percent with 55 percent of the vote counted.

The pot victory came 12 years after Colorado voters made marijuana legal for people with certain medical conditions.

Strangely enough, they also

Strangely enough, they also voted for Obama... How does that math work?

woo ted yoho won fl dist 3

woo ted yoho won fl dist 3

Claire McCaskill crushed Todd Akin in Missouri

There were real liberty candidates there and Akin should have stepped aside for one of them. Instead, another puppet gets to keep her job.


With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Really like Who.

The libertarian candidate for thevSenate spot in Missouri trash talked Ron Paul.

In addition Akin got no help from the establishment Senate Campaign Fund and was beat out in money by McCaskill by 10-1 in money. Vote for per dollar Akin did way better.

If you think it's smart for McCaskill to be reelected I think that's fairly pathetic.

Rand Paul endorsed Akin, and ran ads against McCaskill.

John Brunner or even Sarah Steelman

Did you forget that the Dems hand-picked Akin to be her opponent:


"Rand Paul endorsed Akin"

He also endorsed Romney. He was doing his part for his party, once again. That "endorsement" came 2 months after the primary was over. I hardly call that an endorsement when it is endorsing a member of his party against a completely statist Democrat. He was trying to help his party gain control of the Senate, and if his efforts were successful, he could take some credit for it and further the cause of liberty within the party.

The GOP said they wouldn't support Akin with any funds. He should have stepped aside at that time to let Brunner, the runner-up, take his place.

The Libertarian candidate? Who cares what he had to say? He didn't even cover the gap in votes between McCaskill and Akin. When I said liberty candidates, I certainly wasn't talking about that jerk from the LP who called Ron Paul a dinosaur.

EDIT: When did I say it was "smart" for McCaskill to be reelected?

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Wrong nearly every other statewide GOP candidate lost

Steelman or Brunner would not have been chosen by the Missouri Republican party, it would have been a stooge of their own choosing. btw Akin was very receptive and said lots of positive things about Ron Paul, ending the fed, etc. at the MO GOP convention.

He lost because he got outspent...period. The GOP Senatorial campaign refused to send him money

The tv commercials were 100-1 for McCaskill

PS I was a Brunner backer in the primaries, yes he would have crushed McCaskill

Only 1 Republican won in statewide votes in Missouri other than Romney, so Akin is Hardly alone in his loss.

The good news is this is the

The good news is this is the best thing that could happen to the failed gop est. Romney falling flat on his face. The gop is ripe for reclaiming, taking over or burying it forever like the whigs! only time will tell!

The best thing for the gop is a romney loss!

ACCOUNTABILITY CAME Nov 6th for the lying,cheating and thieving rnc,gop est and romney camp.

Ron Paul 2016

It's time for the GOP to go away for good.

Goodbye GOP!

No. It's time to listen to

No. It's time to listen to what Ron Paul has said all along, Take over the GOP. It is the only way. With 4 more years of Obama, we have time to elect a Liberty candidate in 2016.

The GOPs usefulness IS long gone. It was just a tool for 2012.

Every Ron Paul supporter I know is leaving the GOP.

Do you really want to be associated with the name Republican?

Goodnight GOP. It's been hell working with you glad I won't being doing it again in 2016.

Well that's too bad. Then

Well that's too bad. Then they didn't listen to a word Ron Paul said. Where do you suppose they will all go? lP? Ron Paul tried that already. He is a smart and wise man. Perhaps you and your friends should listen to him. Why jump ship now? Why not stick around and rebuild this thing.

Not gonna happen

GOP is going to change

Hahahaha! Will they be

Hahahaha! Will they be changing before or after they break people's fingers next time?

What do you suggest Velveeta?

What do you suggest Velveeta? LP? What did Gary Johnson pull this election? 1%?

Yes, we have a lot of work to

Yes, we have a lot of work to do.


Good Evening Ladies & Gents., even though Obama the socialist is in for 4 more years it is a victory for the liberty movement. We have time to regroup, to show the blind that they lost because of their failed attempt to elect a fraudulent conservative. The most important thing to celebrate here is the neocons lost. They were not able to create a new agenda through Romney. They lost a referendum, and that means we just bought the liberty movement more time. We now have a crippled president that has no chance of passing more insane legislation. This gives the liberty movement the best chance at the eventual restoration of a constitutional republic. We need to stay united for the cause now. We need to bring over the Romney supporters to our side and show them that our constitutional, small government, sound money policy solution is the only choice to prevail over the national socialist agenda of the elite.

For Liberty!


Ron/Rand 2016!!!

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Christians will start to belly ache and complain...

...yet they're getting precisely the leadership they deserve (as my pastor always says). They need to remember that they attacked the most Biblical, Godly, honest, and humble man, probably ever, to run for president, not once, but twice!

As a Christian myself, I know that God can't let America slide, if his own people reject truth. We will be judged, and O'Bummer's the continuation of His judgement on a wicked nation.

2 Chronicles 7:14 my friends. It starts in God's house FIRST, and as long as his people are willingly deceived, we will NEVER "get our country back!"

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Hey Romney! Got VOTE???!!! Lesson: "Cheaters never prosper".

Romney never had a chance.

We read it correctly (and now we can rub it in - rub it in)


The Corporate backed RNC ran a burro against a lame mule and left the Constitutional thoroughbred (Ron Paul) in the stall.

Result? the Burro got 100' feet from the finish line and landed flat on his face.

And it didn't matter to the corporations or Unions at all, because to them Obama and Romney are just a hinney and a jenny to be milked by their lobbyists for corporate and union contracts.

They just lied to the poor ignorant Republicans and gave them false hopes to lead them away from a true Constitutionalist that had the ONLY real chance of winning Obama.

Rush lied, Hannity Lied, Glenn Beck Lied - Earlier tonight the way Beck spoke on his show, you would have thought Glenn Beck saw Mitt Romney as a Saint!!! Ha!!! Too Funny! and SAD as well; Mark Levine Lied;

All selling the American public down the road with their lies and ignorance of TRUE constitutional principles.

Now watch them start their excuses.

They had 4 years and 12 hours a day to make the right choice and they WASTED every minute backing a liberal socialist.

Now lets get to work educating the public on the Constitution, we have 4 years.

American Patriot Party.CC

Get educated.

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.

What I posted on my facebook page...

I have a lot of GOP people on my friends list...lol


Michele Bachmann May Lose Her Minnesota Congressional Seat

Her Democratic challenger is currently neck and neck with her (in reality, he's about 400 votes ahead). This is embarrassing for a former presidential candidate who was at one time touted as the GOP front runner. Her campaign is supposed to have outspent her opponent's by 10 to 1, and for what? Maybe nothing.

Another Ron Paul opponent on the way out.

Bills lost by a landslide.

Bills lost by a landslide. This is bad.

Bachman was leading the fight against Obamacare.

We don't want to lose her. She's pretty good, except she's pro-Israel at all costs.

Ann in Florida

We can work on her too. After

We can work on her too. After all, we did save her a seat in Tampa.