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Please don't let Jan 21st flop.

This can be bad news if we don't do at least 5 million. Can't you hear the MSM?

"Paul's support falters"
"MLK does not resinate with Paul supporters"

I know there are those who have idealogical differences with Dr King that have nothing to do with race, but we are here in support of Dr Ron Paul and he has stated that MLK is one of his HEROS.

Again, I ask those who might not have the same support for this coming date as some in the past,... to do it for OUR DOCTOR.

I support Ron Paul, Ron Paul supports peaceful protest and Dr King... I will honor Dr Paul and donate on Jan 21st.

Please join us and find a few friends and family members to do so as well.

Be Blessed

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It will not flop....

Our message is getting out.....

Jan 21st money bomb

After the last money bomb both my wife and I maxed out. We have never contributed more than $25 to any presidential campaign prior to this. We are both 58 years old.
I believe we are at a point in history where it is important to get Ron's message out to the public. I urge everyone to give as much as you can afford on Jan 21st. Our country needs Ron Paul.

No comment.

No comment.

Over 52k have visited this

Over 52k have visited this page, I know there are only 8.5k pledges. I imagine that many of those 52k will be donating.

Positive thoughts!

Fear Not!

There is no choice..Ron Paul or BUST!

I really do not know why we

I really do not know why we chose that date, but the date is not going to make me not contribute.

I will contribute at least $100 and my wife as well. Maybe more.