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First time voter question

What's up DP. As everyone already knows, tomorrow is election day and for me its my first time voting. I would be more enthused about voting for the first time but I'm not voting for RP. I am such a HUGE Ron Paul fan and if there is ever anything that I am sure about then its him. Even though RP isn't on the ballot I think I'm still going to vote anyway because I need to start learning how everything works in the world.

With that, I have a question about who I should vote for tomorrow in my district. I know enough about the candidates to know if they are Rep or Dem but that is it. I just want to see if anyone knows who is a Ron Paul supporter that will be on my ballot tomorrow or anyway I could find out or is all of this irrelevant?

I live in Baton Rouge, La ;East Baton Rouge Parish

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I appreciate the comments.

I appreciate the comments. I'm going to do some research and go vote! Thanks and good luck to America.


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Do your homework!

Type each name into a search engine and read everything you can find about them. Their web sites will just be positive info, so do the search and see if any crap pops up. Write down your choices before you go to the polls. On Amendments, Proposals etc. search "vote yes" and "vote no" to see what both sides say. You'll have hours of fun, so get busy!

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Before I voted for any of

Before I voted for any of them I would at least look at their website to get an idea of their positions. Even this would still not be enough for me to vote for somebody though. I need to a record before I can vote for you.

You could always be an individual

and write yourself in for President.


Since there has no one else been commenting on this one,

i'll just give you my opinion though i'm not voting in the U.S.

I think it is very relevant that you go vote at every election, local or general, no matter what.

  • First off you take responsibility, because your opinion always matters, whether you vote or not.
  • Secondly, you take part in a greater process of people 'officially' making up their minds and disputing on what to agree on and why
  • And finally, if you take it seriously, not only will you be able to maybe learn more about people and their motifs, but since you obvioulsy invest some time in making up your mind, you will be potentially able to educate others on your opinions, because you are even more passionate, you care, and you matter.

Every election is a reflection of a society and their 'state of mind'. Even if it is rigged it reflects a society's 'state of evolution'.

My final advice: research ALL candidates on your ballot, and vote your conscience BASED ON PRINCIPLE.

If you always do this, and not vote for the "lesser" of evils, your conscience will be clear and you will not be blamed.

Regards, Paul