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Live Stream Greece Protest - strike shuts down country ahead of cliffhanger austerity vote

Greek strike shuts down country ahead of cliffhanger austerity vote


The strike, called by Greece's two biggest labor unions representing half the four million-strong workforce, brought public transport to a virtual standstill and shuttered schools, banks and local government offices.

It was the third major walkout in two months against the package of public spending cuts and reforms making it easier to hire and fire workers.

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F! the Euro-union

F! the Euro-union clowns.
Return to the Drachma and leave them and free yourself Greece!

Southern Agrarian

The Greek Parliament voted

The Greek Parliament voted through the austerity package by a thin margin. But FOX News is now reporting that the EU may not release the bailout funds next week anyway.

:) Greek protesters throw


Greek protesters throw Molotov cocktails at riot police


tear gas being deployed NEW

tear gas being deployed