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No matter who wins, America loses

As with every American presidential election of this new 21st century, it is no choice at all.

The worst was 2004 — Bush II vs. Kerry — when both candidates were actually from the same college fraternity, appropriately named Skull & Bones. 2008 was little better — Obama vs. McCain — when the choice was a man with no brain vs. a man with no background.

And now it has happened again in 2012 — Obama and Romney — when both major political party nominees will pursue the same policies of bombing the world and enslaving everyone in it who has not taken the bribe and sold out to the cretins who have stolen America blind.

Change will not come to America until the leadership that has turned the USA into a rabid and reasonless police state is in either all in jail or on the gallows.

In fact, this just might be the very last American presidential election, since most Americans — given the all-out assault on the lives of its citizens by their own government — are unlikely to survive the next four years.

If designer storms, poisoned GMO food, or crazed police brutality don’t do them in, then HAARPed forest fires, politically correct black gangbangers, or nonaccidental starvation are likely to.

What has caused all Americans to be paralyzed like drugged deer in speeding headlights, crazily cheering for candidates who are saying nothing about what’s really important?

Who are all these voters that can no longer critically think for themselves, but only be led along by their noses at one candidate cheerleading “Change!” and the other guy snickering “Money!”?

Why has there been no debate at all about the really impactful issues of the day — the deliberately unleashed radiation that has enveloped the Northern Hemisphere, the geoengineered chemtrails that are melting the polar icecaps and killing the trees, or the fact that doctors are deliberately withholding care from senior citizens so there’ll be fewer mouths to feed as soon as possible?

Instead we’ve has a parade of corrupt pervert goons like Cain, Santorum and Gingrich from the Republicans all making Mitt Romney — the man who was robbed more jobs from Americans than anyone in history — look good.

And from Barack Obama’s conscientious liberal followers, absolute silence about his daily mass murders around the world to steal countries from their rightful owners and rape and murder their beloved leaders in the streets of their own hometowns.

Anybody who continues to be proud of America is absolutely insane