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Is the maintenance of liberty simple or is it complicated?

Hi, folks. I'm curious what everyone will think on these questions:

1. Is the maintenance of liberty in a society a simple matter, or is it complicated?

2. Is the maintenance of liberty primarily a task for government, or for the people?

3. Should it require a large percentage of the people to be philosophically involved, or just a small percentage?

4. In our society, what will be the most natural enemy or enemies of liberty?

Anyone care to answer or to discuss?

Jack Pelham


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Discussion or Debate?

"1. Is the maintenance of liberty in a society a simple matter, or is it complicated?"

Three words suffice to communicate Liberty if the intended individuals involved have an interest in Liberty, those who do not have an interest in Liberty care not to acknowledge it, and in more severe cases there are people who abhor and work to destroy Liberty, on purpose, for fun and profit, and those people certainly know what Liberty is, but those people, and they know who they are, have an interest in making sure that none of their victims know what Liberty is too.

Three words can suffice to start a person traveling IN Liberty, and from that starting point there are a million times a million times a million complicated paths that a person traveling IN Liberty can take, and in fact it is very SIMPLE, and very UNCOMPLICATED, to know, without any doubt whatsoever, the very few things that can NOT be done in Liberty, a few things that will be done outside of Liberty, so the TRUTH, here too, sets us free.

We can most certainly be free from the tangled webs of legal complications so commonly found outside of Liberty, because those complications are all within a very narrow category of human behavior while the opposite, and more competitive, more productive, and more survivable paths, IN Liberty, are unlimited.

A. Many inventive paths to take IN Liberty.
B. Very few paths to take OUTSIDE Liberty.

So, a lot of complicated words, a discussion, not out of necessity in communicating the simple facts, but out of pure love of the truth, and a joy in discussing the topic.

Do no harm.

Three words.

In Liberty people do not resort to deceit, to gain at the expense of an innocent person.

More complications moving away from the tree easy to understand words.

Do no harm.

Go forth and multiply?

What? What is a question asked by the innocent person once the innocent person is finally made aware of the tangled web of deceit invented by, produced by, and maintained by those who volunteer to remove themselves from Liberty, as the innocent person then asks the criminal to answer the question, please: What do you not understand about doing no harm?

What is so difficult about understanding all the many things that can be done IN Liberty if you just, simply, stop harming me?

What do you not understand about doing no harm to your fellow friends in liberty?

The liar who lied, to create libel, to create slander, to create fraud, to target an innocent person, and to harm the innocent person, produces another lie, to cover the first lie, when the liar is confronted with the victims questions.

How tangled can the web be woven?

What do you NOT understand about doing no harm to me?

How can it be any simpler, fraud, liar, libeler, slanderer, as you stand outside of Liberty looking in on me, your targeted victim, who is no longer your victim, since your crime is now exposed, so face the facts, liar, your lies are now exposed, there is nothing complicated about being IN Liberty, so fess up, or remain outside, and let everyone know, please, what YOU did not understand about doing no harm.

Who is guilty?

Is confession good for the soul?

Lies pile upon lies to cover the first lie, and the targeted victims learn to know better concerning the first lie, then the second, then the millionth, each lie, until more complications are invented, and brought to bear upon the people in Liberty, but the same POWER working against Liberty remains to be the simplest thing to understand.

Liars lie.

Why pay them so well for their lies?

Do no harm does not mean to threaten innocent people with injury, torture, horror, terror, debt, starvation, exposure to suffocating falsehoods, deception, libel, slander, discredit, exile, pain, suffering, slaughter, death, destruction, hell on earth, hell after death, threatening, terrorizing, destroying, ending Liberty.


Crime, in one word, a simple word, with many complications built upon the simple, narrow, destructive, life threatening mode of conduct, crime, one word, less complicated compared to three words.

Do no harm.

What do you not understand about doing no harm, so what is your threat to me, if you understand Liberty, then you have no cause to threaten people IN Liberty, since you can't harm any people in Liberty, certainly not premeditated torture and mass murder, with your threats of war, and less crimes against humanity, us, we people, we individuals, including YOU, who make up this human species.

Threats are mere lies with window dressing - fancy colors adorning empty spaces.

False Fronts.

So there will be violence, since the threat is made, and again, the question arises, as to what is so hard to understand about doing no harm?

What do YOU not understand about doing no harm to innocent people as a matter of fact you would not want someone else doing those things to you in any case, for if that were true then test the fact and do those things to yourself and leave your victims alone, cut out the middle man, and save everyone the expense of having to defend against your desire to injure someone: yourself alone.

Have at it, outside of Liberty, if you must injure someone, try it out on yourself, and contain the virus of crime within your own individual hell on earth, where people injure people for fun and profit.

Did I wander off the question? Is this not an example, if too wordy, of a competitive reply on topic?

"1. Is the maintenance of liberty in a society a simple matter, or is it complicated?"

Do no harm, how simple can it get?

Liberty is not simple. Liberty, from the base principle, is as complicated as human life can ever get, if it is not bogged down by the very limited and limiting eruption of Liberty stealing, and Liberty destroying criminal elements, people, individual people, acting on their own volition, acting narrowly, which is so narrow as to be cattle prodded into a very easy to understand path of very accurately measurable boundaries where criminal people invent, produce, and maintain the same repetitive lies, the same repetitive threats, and the same repetitive, over and over again, aggressive violence for THEIR fun and for THEIR profit UPON their targeted, innocent, victims.

How can anyone ever know if they are in Liberty?

Are you suffering from lies, threats, or violence at the hands of a criminal or group of criminals, where you are, yourself, doing no one any harm?

What do YOU not understand about doing no harm?

If you are being willfully harmed by criminal people, then you are not IN Liberty. How is that at all complicated?

Moving back within the boundaries of the Topic:

"2. Is the maintenance of liberty primarily a task for government, or for the people?"

Lies, are easy to see, even if the infected people who are deceived by the lies are incapable of seeing, because of their infection.

If a person, a human being, speaks of human government, does the person speak of an entity that exists separate from human beings?

The weather governs human beings.

Diseases govern human beings.

The Sun shinning on a rotating earth, gravity, and other THINGS govern human beings.

Rational thought, inside a human mind, along with a very complex power called willpower governs human beings, from inside each human being, and as one human being connects and relates to all the other human beings there will be humans governing other humans.

How do humans govern other humans?

"2. Is the maintenance of liberty primarily a task for government, or for the people?"

Does the question support the "theory" that a Legal Fiction can become a responsible, and therefore accountable, person?

Where did this "government" thing spawn into being, if this THING be real, tangible, capable of willful action, and therefore responsible, and therefore accurately accountable?

"2. Is the maintenance of liberty primarily a task for government, or for the people?"

Can this government THING do any harm or not do any harm to anyone else?

Can this government THING fail to understand the meaning of the words Do no harm?

Can criminals get away with legal torture and legal mass murder perpetually as the victims are led to believe that government did it?

"3. Should it require a large percentage of the people to be philosophically involved, or just a small percentage?"

Liberty is a power struggle, where like minded people, doing no harm, are faced with criminals whose very narrow mode of behavior is very easy to see, very easy to document, very easy to prove, unmistakably, leaving no room left for doubt, and on the opposite end of the Power struggle, opposite doing no harm to each other on purpose is the common resort by criminals to harm innocent people three ways - to Sunday.

1. Deception
2. Threats of violence
3. Violence

There is nothing complicated about the actions of criminals, they all do that same things, the only reason for the tangled web of complication is the FACT that the victims are led to believe the first lie, then they, the victims, create the web of deceit.

What is the first lie?

Give me your power and I will protect you from me.

You can't see it, if you are infected, so God help you, because no one else can.

The first lie is always variations of "something for nothing".

"3. Should it require a large percentage of the people to be philosophically involved, or just a small percentage?"

Liberty cannot exist in an infected mind, going from the moment in life when the innocent person is infected on into death, an infected mind will be tormented by the infectious power of falsehood, which is invented by human beings, criminals, which is produced by human beings, as more criminals are made into criminals being led by those lies, and as Liberty is removed in each new example of harm being willfully perpetrated upon each new innocent victim in each case in time and place.

The Power Struggle is constant, the score of the battle is well documented, accurately, in many ways, the criminal know exactly how much they are winning, and the victims, if infected, are only partially aware of their victimization as they are led to "provide the means by which they suffer" until they either know better or die in that hell on earth.

Play along, you too can get something for nothing, just don't think about it too much, it may hurt to know the truth, so keep paying for more of the same, and work harder, without question.

"4. In our society, what will be the most natural enemy or enemies of liberty?"

Lies that are believed by the victims such as "pay me what I demand from you so as to keep me from harming you, without question", are the most natural enemies of Liberty, liars, lying, and making a lot of money doing it, where crime pays very well, is the most natural enemy of Liberty, in other words: Legal Money Monopoly Power, is the most natural enemy of Liberty because that is the connecting medium by which productive power produced by honest people working IN Liberty flows into the hands of criminals who have made their exclusive crimes Legal.

Criminals, naturally, are the most natural enemies of Liberty, and they use specific weapons of mass delusion, confidence schemes, as a natural means of turning good people into their own worst enemies, so Legal Criminals, it naturally follows logic, reason, and understanding, is the most natural enemy of Liberty, since the targeted victims are led to believe that the criminals will save them from the criminals if only the victims can pay more and get less faster.

No, Joe, you say, you are just another nut case Conspiracy Theorist, but the Supreme Law of the Land, in black and white, proves the case without any room for argument:



Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868.

Note: Article I, section 2, of the Constitution was modified by section 2 of the 14th amendment.

Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.


Federal Reserve Notes or biscuits from Colonel Sanders, which product is required by criminals to exist OUTSIDE of Liberty - without question?

Look in the mirror.


That's like asking if a 70 Chevelle

is easier to work on than a 2009 Nissan with a side mounted engine

Mechanic or Technician is the difference