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Nov. 6 Polling Place Sign : Write-In Ron Paul

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Thank you to Tony for

being the continuous Ron Paul supporter and only leader in Western New York.

My Fellow American Patriots,

One Voice, One Vote
Last Call,
Write in your Vote-Dr Ron Paul

I realize he is not a write in candidate.
I realize many believe it is throwing away a choice.
We Paul people were given no choice.
We have a voice.
We have free will.
I support Ron Paul still.
My vote was cast.
It will stand.
We must send a message to others
Across our land.

This may be our last stand.

Write in
Dr Ron Paul.

Freedom will one day ring across our land.
Let your vote stand, today and always.
Send a message loud and clear.
Perhaps someday others may hear.

Vote for America.

I also took a photo of my ballot. Proof I support America.
Thank you to all who have believed.


The hell is up with your

The hell is up with your ballot? R and R on the 'conservative' ticket?

Southern Agrarian

Love the signs!

Looks like a beautiful town.

That Ballot

is weird.. there's 2 places for Barry and Mitt???
and the constitution and common sense parties are meshed together

We have fusion. You can be

We have fusion. You can be on more than one party line.

It is possible the combo is to save ballot space on the paper. This wouldn't be with the two rigged Soviet parties though.

Hopefully it leads to a bunch

Hopefully it leads to a bunch of people voting for Romney or Obama twice, thus invalidating the votes.


!!!!!!!!Nice pics!!!

Well done on Write-in Ron Paul!

Proud of you!

See http://relate4ever.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/endorsement-and-...

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