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This Election, I'm Waiting to See What I Do

(Note: I wrote this late last night.)

Sometime in my early twenties, I came up with a saying: “When I don’t know what to do, I wait and see what I do.” That may sound strange, but it means that when facing a difficult decision, after carefully and rationally weighing all the pros and cons, in the end, I let my “heart”–really my subconscious--decide. Somewhere in my subconscious mind, an elaborate calculation has resulted from my purposeful deliberation. This latent wisdom pushes me to act or fail to act at the appointed hour. On this election eve, such a decision faces me tomorrow. Early voting has come and gone as I stood by undecided. I have waited because I could not come to a final decision for whom to vote for president. You see, I am a Ron Paul supporter.

Like many Ron Paul supporters, I am in a quandary in this election. When I first heard Ron Paul speak during the 2008 election, it literally changed my life. For the first time ever, I heard a politician speak bracing truth like a prophet. Ron Paul “woke me up”. I read everything I could on the gold standard, fiat money, the debt-based monetary system, the Federal Reserve, Austrian vs. Keynesian economics, inflation, deflation, the philosophy of liberty, and how “sound money” discourages war and keeps government in check. Although not perfect, Ron Paul is the kind of principled conservative leader “we the people” need to restore the Constitution, fight the merger of government and corporate power, and return America to our founding principles of individual liberty. Sadly, Ron Paul did not win the nomination. I watched in disgust as Ron Paul cheated out of delegates at the RNC that the grassroots worked so hard to win. The Republicans gave us Romney instead.

So what to do? I could choose to not vote, but voting is my right and my patriotic duty. I will have my say, no matter the outcome. I don’t want to vote for Obama (evil) or Romney, the “lesser of two evils” (still evil). I don’t want to “throw away” my vote on some unworthy third-party candidate. Writing in Ron Paul would be highly satisfying and send a much needed message, but it’s not without cost in a battleground state like Florida.

What is the benefit if Romney wins? Obama is a direct threat to liberty and all that America stands for. But Romney is barely a conservative, will not challenge the Fed money machine, and is arguably even worse on keeping us out of foreign intervention and wars. He will be recruited into promoting the globalist agenda. We have to guess and weigh how much damage a re-elected Obama can do to the cause of liberty by his “fundamental transformation” of America, vs. the amount of damage Romney will do. In some ways, Romney as a Republican can perhaps do even more damage if he does what Obama would do anyway, while neutralizing the conservative resistance. In a sense, this vote is a referendum on the power of the Tea Party movement to hold Romney accountable. Romney is unlikely to repeal Obamacare and will not be willing or able to make the kind of radical reforms and cuts necessary to save the country. And Romney has the real potential to bankrupt and destroy the country with endless war. It often feels as though we may have passed the point of no return. Like a woman whose spouse or child has suddenly disappeared, I find myself at times giving in to grief, but I am unwilling to give up all hope of my loved one’s safe return.

So, I am going to “sleep on it”, as they say. This is an historic election. The choice is to give Romney my vote or not. I have to live with my choice--even if all the choices are bad. I must make a careful discernment. Before I drift off to sleep in a few minutes, I am going to spend a few minutes in prayer. It is time to ask God for help. I pray that He places the answer in my heart. When I enter the voting booth, I will be listening intently to hear the voice of conscience and Spirit…and waiting to see what I do.

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Don't vote, it only

Don't vote, it only encourages them!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Let go; Let God

That's what I call it, Let go; Let God.

I will be giving Riomney my vote and intend to work the next two years with other Ron Paul RepubliCANs in Restoring the Republic. Romney offers us the perfect opportunity.

Thanks, Granger. Your comment makes me feel better.

I know some will not understand, but I ended up casting my vote for Romney. It was incredibly hard, but I believe this was the right choice for me. If Romney wins, we can at least survive to keep up our work to further the cause of liberty within the Republican party.

My vote for Romney was really a vote in support of my husband. I fully converted him to Ron Paul, and now he is a committed Paul supporter. As a doctor, he helped lead the fight against Obamacare and also works tirelessly in our local Republican party and community for liberty. He believes Obama is simply too dangerous to not do everything possible to stop him. I feel God prompted me to show my love and respect for my husband for the sake of keeping our marriage strong. Keeping our family strong and united is crucial for us to keep working to promote peace and liberty.

Ann in Florida

That's so totaly beautiful

Many people here talk about voting conscience, however, it seems yours is one of the first posts I've read the displays conscience voting without making it an excuse. Thank you. Bless you!