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Are any of you reconsidering the Free State Project? *Updated*

With Obama or Romney most likely being the next President are any of you reconsidering joining the Free State Project?

It is not discussed on here very often do you consider it a failure not worth participating in?

Theoretically shouldn't we(Ron Paul Supporters) have been the most likely to participate in a project like this?

If we had really taken the F.S.P. seriously we could have possibly convinced Dr. Paul to run for Governor or Senator of New Hampshire.


Any ideas of what the F.S.P. can do to take the initial fear of moving to New Hampshire away?
Would a moneybomb for six or twelve months rent for Dr. Paul supporters be a good idea? A partnership with ronpaulforums, Y.A.L., and F.S.P. could be struck.
Obviously the easiest to move are young singles who are willing to live with roommates. Most are going to college, and don't have a family yet. Finding full time work isn't that big an issue for them yet. They would already have common ground with liberty minded roommates so that shouldn't be an issue.

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I would go in a heartbeat...

If I thought I could get work up there.

I work in theatrical, nightclub, event, and architectural lighting. I also do sound and lots of video work as well.

I've checked the landscape up there a couple of times and the outlook doesn't appear to good for a guy with my qualifications. I'd have to change careers, I think. :(

I thought New Hampshire did not have an income tax?

Here is a site that says New Hampshire has a 5% income tax?


Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:


NH has a personal income tax

NH has a personal income tax of 5% on interest and dividends over a certain amount depending on some factors. TN has a similar tax of 6%.

Live Free or Die!

Yes..over 1000 of us Are Taking The Free State Seriously!

Most definitely Yes! There are over 1,000 of us in-state (early movers) that are taking the Free State seriously. If it wasn't for myself and others..Dr. Paul wouldn't have won our county (the only county he won) in the Primary. There are of course other numerous examples to show how the 'Free State' is already impacting Liberty in New Hampshire.

We need reinforcements (early movers) to keep the momentum going. What is more though, is we need more people to sign the declaration of intent..so we can reach the 20,000 mark to get everyone to make the move! (This is when we can really have an impact!) This needs to happen before everything totally collapses. If I didn't make the move in 2010..I would not have been able to do it latter. It was not easy, we made huge sacrifices..but people who value Liberty need to realize the long-term outcome is what will be the biggest reward. There is safety in numbers..we just need more numbers! Please pray and think hard and see if you can make the move..we need you! Its never easy, but then again anything worthwhile is never easy! Liberty in our lifetime, for ourselves and our families is worth it!

Please think hard. Thank you.


State Comparison Data

Here are some useful sites for researching what States are the most free:




Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:


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I guess I'm still in the "free every state project"


That project is similar to

That project is similar to the free the world project. Millions of people have tried and things get worse, overall. With the free state project, if 20,000 people from around the world are able to move to NH and show that freedom works, we might be able to free the rest of the world.

Live Free or Die!



they shouldnt have picked NH

they shouldnt have picked NH as far as Im concerned. Its too close to Boston and all those suburban neocon/progressive/statists like the low taxes of NH but bring their statist agendas along with them.

wyoming is so remote it would be much less influenced by mainstream politics and the total pop is still only like 560,000. We should start a new fsp in wyoming!

I'll agree.

That is why I moved here. In 2005.

And I wish I would have learned about WYO before the FSP launched way back in '02... I really can't envision living anywhere else.



Nullify them!

that's how you deal with federal laws.

I already live here

So I'm not an official FSP member, but I want to say something.

At first I thought the FSP were the nonsensical libertarian types that everyone would reject as crazy. But they are winning, and winning big, because now the statists in NH have started to fight back. Liberty took a hard hit in NH with the most recent election, rolling back a huge block of Republicans that were elected by FSPers.

But you know what? Now is the time we need them more than ever. Time to put the stake in the vampire. And the prospects look good. NH Republicans lost because of two issues that women voted for: their vaginas and education. The FSP people who were elected were getting lumped in with the statist repbulicans, and got blamed for a lot of crap. Take that issue away and we will be much better off.

You Are Right On Spot!

We need reinforcements *now*. You don't want to be moving during the major economic collapse coming. Now is the time!

We need to prepare for 2014 and 2016!


Yes we can change! There is always a way if we stay committed! That is the key.

Can't They Pick

a more centralized state with low population? I think more people would find it easier to do if it was centralized to surrounding states. But also, wouldn't New Hampshire have to secede to pull this off? How would they deal with federal laws?


NH has a coastline, and a

NH has a coastline, and a borders two countries, which would be beneficial to a state substantially less regulated than it's surroundings. It is also fertile, temperate and with plenty of water. And the population isn't that huge. In addition, it isn't of big strategic importance, ie has little in the way of oil and gas etc. Alaska really ought to be the state to flock to for secession/looser association minded individuals, but the lower 48 is really, really hooked on the oil drip from there; even more so with the arctic becoming more navigable and exploitable.

There is also an FSP Wyoming, for people who'd rather be in the rockies than in New England. Population is the lowest of ay state, and in my experience, the general F-the-Feds, F-auhority attitude is stronger than most anywhere. It's pretty barren, though; with much of economic activity of the natural resource/extractive kind where big corps with big infrastructure have a huge advantage. Making many jobs dependent on stable relations with the outside.

NH's biggest achilles heal is it's proximity to Romneystan/Massachusetts/Boston. In effect, the more successful NH is in being a civilized, small government state, the more mindless drones it attracts from it's southern, way past the cliff, neighbor. It never ceased to amaze me how all these refugees from the regulatory hellhole that in MA, can be so utterly clueless as to not stop and wonder WHY it is that they prefer NH to MA; instead of almost uniformly try to destroy NH just as they already have in MA. It's kind of sad.

Anyway, when SRHTF, my bets are still on AK. It's big and far enough away from the rest of the country to be expensive for the Feds to control with force. It is still relatively wild. There are enough food and water to enable people to survive even without continous supply from outside. People are comparatively well armed. And the Feds really, really need those pipelines, along with other assorted fragile infrastructure. So, some bargain could be struck in which the Feds leave the population alone, in exchange for the population being at least somewhat cooperative in preventing a thousand Tim McVeighs from blowing up stuff. And, throw in some nice global warming helping the ice recede a bit, and there should be plenty of opportunities opening up up there.

Nullify them

You deal with federal laws through nullification

Repulic of The United States of America

Check out this site and see what you think: http://www.nebraskarepublic.org/
I put up the Nebraska site for the video link. Watch it.
This is their Main site: http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/

If they had a top 20 law

If they had a top 20 law school I would - but hey, I'll be nearby at least.


the free state project? In

the free state project? In New Hampshire?

That state looked anything but free last night.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Oh people - the establishment is WAY ahead of you - its too late

That new film coming out about Lincoln is going to make damn sure all the brain dead sheep in this country are absolutely convinced that killing 600,000 people (a huge portion of the population at the time) is perfectly legitimate to maintain the "union" and secession is right up their with terrorism. That film will paint Lincoln as the second coming of Jesus Christ. And I assure you - you will not be looked at as liberty minded people - you will be looked at as racist pigs looking to secede just like those animal slave owners.

Funny part of history - I can remember this country so supporting Lithuania as it tried to break free from the Soviet Union. Hell - the biggest bar in downtown Hartford changed its name from the Russian Lady to the Lithuanian Lady - that's the support freedom once had.

Now look at us. Very sad indeed.

so what's your solution?

Rather than just being negative, what course of action will you take?

Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:


Best Idea

I think the FSP is the best idea we as a liberty movement have for real possible effective change.. when we all get sick of beating our heads against the machine in our state and the uselessness of fighting the federal system.. we'll all end up in NH where we will win.

Sometimes I talk to ppl about the FSP and they say.. "But NH is COLD!" and I reply, "Well... you can be cold and free, or warm and enslaved. I know what I'm choosing."


I have been trying to convince my wife to move to NH for a few years now. The major deterrent for her is the fact that she spends a great deal of time with her family and a five or six hour drive is simply too far for her. I think the results of this election - not just last night, but the entire process beginning with the primary - may have started to open their eyes.

Why knows, maybe we'll see you all up there?

PS - Another option I have been considering is purchasing a place up there that is easier to "share" (say, something like a rental house with a mother-daughter apartment or a barn with a loft in addition to a house) so that I could have a back-up plan in place that is kept by fellow lovers of liberty / haters of states who want to relocate but might not have the means to do so at this very moment. I have not found any programs like this through the FSP... maybe through DP?

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

I am currently in a fight

to keep the house and property I grew up on.. it's in california tho.. if I lose this fight I will be giving thought to moving to another area with the money I will inherit. Has to be a place that would welcome at least 2 of my beautiful but only slightly useful shih tzu...

on another note.. should I keep the house and land I will be looking for 2 maybe 3 Liberty minded people who would like to help me live here, simply and with laughter. 2 acres for a big garden and goats, chickens or whatever.

I hope that if this site shuts down it will be with enough notice that people can find each other. I am on the quiet side and would hate to lose the imput I get here everyday as I learn to live a better life~

blessings to all who fight the good fight~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I totally love the idea,

I totally love the idea, except I am somewhat displeased with the NH project stepping overboard on the dissent and civil disobedience aspects.
I understand the reasons but to antagonize or try to cause trouble has me somewhat skeptical. If its respectful and doesn't try to trap officials, Then a Free State Project I am all for. I think it would be a good idea to put free State Projects in different sectors of America. Have Free State Utah for the Western States. Free State Nebraska for the middle of the country... that way It would be less of a move for many. Im sure it is quite daunting for someone in California to move all the way over to NH so far away from family.

Wyoming was second in votes...

And as a matter of fact, WYO was gaining so much steam, the east-coast based group that started pushing for an FSP in the first place had to move the vote up from when 20,000 pledged, to after only 5,000 pledged.

The folks who have moved here sure seem to be far more active within the political system than the Porcupines have, but, I might be biased there... Personally, I would rather change minds, one at a time if necessary, than waste time sitting in jail or being prodded around through the legal system. But that kind of stuff is pretty fun when you're a kid.


YES!! Let's get on it now before the DICTATOR F**** IT UP!!!


This is from the beginning

of the FSP (over a decade old) but explains the data used and the states that were considered for the FIRST FSP. Doesn't mean there cannot be MORE FSP states!! It is quite comprehensive in scope and can be a guide for more states to join the movement! With hard work and determination, every state can be a FREE STATE!!

(some links on that page no longer work because of the age of that page...)

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

Maybe Colorado, Montana, . . .

Colorado and Montana are among six states that passed proposals to nullify Obamacare and federal marijuana laws. Maybe those states are ripe for a Free State Project. Colorado has a large number of independent electorate, and is #7 on the Mercatus Center list. Montana has Chuck Baldwin's Liberty Fellowship. Didn't Arizona's legislature vote to accept gold and silver as real money?

It makes sense that several options around the country would make it easier for people to relocate, taking into consideration their different circumstances.

There are many opportunities for Free States. There are many reasons to choose particular states, let's hear everyone's ideas.

Don't forget there's a "Free City" project in Central America. The weather there might be better than New Hampshire, anyway!

I'm a political refugee from Colorado...

Smoking reefers is pretty fun, but it attracts so many of the socialist persuasion, and now the gates have been flung wide open... real reforms at this time are hopeless.