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Are any of you reconsidering the Free State Project? *Updated*

With Obama or Romney most likely being the next President are any of you reconsidering joining the Free State Project?

It is not discussed on here very often do you consider it a failure not worth participating in?

Theoretically shouldn't we(Ron Paul Supporters) have been the most likely to participate in a project like this?

If we had really taken the F.S.P. seriously we could have possibly convinced Dr. Paul to run for Governor or Senator of New Hampshire.


Any ideas of what the F.S.P. can do to take the initial fear of moving to New Hampshire away?
Would a moneybomb for six or twelve months rent for Dr. Paul supporters be a good idea? A partnership with ronpaulforums, Y.A.L., and F.S.P. could be struck.
Obviously the easiest to move are young singles who are willing to live with roommates. Most are going to college, and don't have a family yet. Finding full time work isn't that big an issue for them yet. They would already have common ground with liberty minded roommates so that shouldn't be an issue.

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I'm impressed,

Great Project.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Here and loving it

So I joined after living here a while. I am originally from MT. There is a small part of the state known as Boston's bedroom, but where we are is great. We are making an impression here, its much more about the long term effect for me. My kids are in small community schools, (22 kids), there is town meeting every year where we decide everything budget wise for the town, and the communities are diverse but stable. I have joined local government, and served in my best ability to get RP votes for a big win in our town. The FSP here is what ever you want it to be, Porkfest is awesome, and no one really tells you what to do. If the SHTF, all of the east and most of the midwest is one gas tank away from a population center, so if you are looking for remote safety try eastern MT. There is enough knowledge and infrastructure here that we would all be just fine. Trade, barter, grow food, fish, hunt, raise animals, etc. Hell if ME joins in we could easily sesceed and have everything we need!

free state project member

Can you explain this project to

those of us who this is new to?


Check it out

If I reconsidered

it would mean deciding against making the move! To be perfectly frank, I'm personally committed to making NH my home in the near future. I have short term goals that I need to accomplish before being financially able to make the move, but I don't think the FSP is a lost cause whatsoever.

I keep a close eye on Free State Project

I would LOVE to add my name to it, but I just can't commit to it right now because of my own personal/family situation at the moment.

Maybe down the road.

I'm in the same boat.

It would mean moving kids who are very entrenched in school and local activities, being nowhere near family, leaving a 15-year very stable job, and selling a house in an area with a very depressed market. Not impossible odds, but certainly not in my favor. I gotta have goals, though!

I'm in

If 19,999 other activists join me, then I am so in, it's ridiculous.

Don't need that many

We already have over 13,000 participants, and more join all the time. Over 1100 have already moved. I cannot wait to get up there!

I hope to be there by the end of 2013

I hope to be there by the end of 2013

Santa Maria, Ca


While metropolitan culture is a difficult thing for me to abandon here in Philadelphia, for example.

In any case, still thinking..

Here's an interesting study and map comparing the 50 States:


New Hampshire ranks the most free State in this Study

Most people who complain about New Hamsphire

not being the best state for the Free State Project are complaining from horribly fascist states. If you're sitting in Montana, or Wyoming, or Idaho, okay fine, you're already in a very good state for Freedom and you may have a legitimate argument why your state is better for liberty than New Hampshire.

But if you're living in pretty much any other state complaining about New Hampshire, you're a fool.

I was born and raised in California. I left a year ago for New Hampshire. It's like night and day. Anybody who claims to love liberty has no excuse to continue living in a place like California.

Imagine living in East Germany, and complaining about communism when you could easily move to west Germany. Then one day the Iron Curtain comes up and you're stuck.

California is a lost cause. Florida is a lost cause. New York is a lost cause. Abandon ship and move to a state that was voted on by thousands of liberty lovers a decade ago as being the most conducive to liberty, long before most of you became libertarians. This is the state liberty lovers are fleeing to. They're not fleeing to Arizona, or Texas, or Alabama. They're fleeing to New Hampshire.

you forgot Massachusetts

the home of Romneycare

One complaint I've heard about New Hampshire is that property taxes are quite high. I'm also looking at Kentucky or Tennessee.

anyone here lived in one of these States want to give their take?


Yeah, property taxes here can be steep, but the lack of many other taxes that most states have makes up for it.

I never lived in KT or TN, but have passed through/stopped in both a few times during my travels. Out of the two, I've seen and heard better things about TN, and not just politically speaking.

A signature used to be here!

New Hampshire

has the lowest overall tax burden of any state in the Union.

All of the reasons people look for excuses not to move to New Hampshire are dwarfed by the fact that NOBODY is fleeing to Tennessee for liberty. People ARE fleeing to New Hampshire for liberty.

I would love to but my home

I would love to but my home here is tied up in probate and I cannot afford to move without the equity from this home. I'll probably just live here the rest of my life and avoid all the taxes and fees...


I love NH.
I love the cold, snow & skiing.
We just have to find a way to keep the Massholes out. (Lynn Mass. Libertarian excluded.)
I'm working on a five year plan.

Haha, thanks! But I fully

Haha, thanks! But I fully embrace the Masshole moniker. You don't have to be a socialist to be a Masshole!

Colorado is just getting

Colorado is just getting interesting. Maybe they can help facilitate a Constitutional crisis.

Just a note

on how liberty concepts come together:

Mark Warden, who is running for re-election as a New Hampshire State Representative, accepts Bitcoin (which has been mentioned on DP often) contributions.



I like the idea of the FSP

I like the idea of the FSP and also Chuck Baldwin's similar thing in Montana, but I think it's tough to go there at this time. A lot of people don't want to leave their jobs behind and move to NH or MT, not knowing whether there will be a job waiting for them there.

Does anyone know what happened to the European FSP?

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Waiting for the "Free County" concept to hit

Anyone consider this idea ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon



~Good Night, And Good Luck~


Any reporting of new Constitutional Sheriffs getting elected to Office this time around?

Nye County, Nevada or

Nye County, Nevada or Hudspeth County, Texas have lots of libertarians. But states have a lot more power than counties and therefore focusing on a free state is better.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Sheriff Nullification

Keep in mind the a county sheriff is the highest law enforcement power in a given county, with authority exceeding that of any state or federal official.

If a county could elect a sheriff with the knowledge and the courage to stand up, he could prevent the feds from harassing the people of that location.


oh wait

I voted this up because I thought it said "free COUNTRY" not county LOL

I'm doing it after college

I'm doing it after college

Great idea, but they blew it by picking the wrong state

Relative to other choices:

- NH has too large a population to effectively take over.

- NH is too remote and cold to attract enough migrants.