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Voted today but..

is this normal? First time voter here, and I wrote in Ron Paul like I said I would. Ron Paul or no one at all. Anyways, I originally requested a absentee ballot, but that ballot was lost in the trash some time ago. Today, I went to my voting location and preceded to vote. I was required to fill out a provisional ballot, which is okay with me. Well I did so as directed and handed in my ballot. On the way out of the voting area a man confronted me. He claimed he was from the Obama campaign and overheard my story. He asked me for my name politely, which I gave to him. Thinking back now, I could have declined. Anyways, I live in Iowa, and we all heard how the secretary of state in the state of Iowa warned the UN observers to not be present at voting booths. Is this the Obama campaigns response to the threat? Using some of their own to observe/lie/cheat/commitvoterfraud. :)

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Did the conversation

go any further?

Rather odd...

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That is really it. He assured

That is really it. He assured me that my vote would be counted and wrote my name down.

There is so much corruption

There is so much corruption in the system I would not be surprised.

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