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Unintentionally creating Voter Bias in Orange County FL Precinct 101


This video shows Televisions on in the voting line are in Orange County FL voting Precinct 101 in MetroWest. From left to right, ESPN (obviously bias because of their Democrat and Republican only interviews during Monday Night Football), CFNews13 (local cable news channel) and NBC News. I witness the TV's being turned on, and it was an honest mistake. However, it shows how easy it is to create bias in a "safe" voting zone. This is especially true if you are a Libertarian voter. The Libertarian Party doesn't have the money that the DEMS and REPUBLICANS have to canvas the airwaves with Ads. If you see this when you vote, call your Supervisor of Elections immediately. Within a few minutes, the TVs will be OFF, which is what happened after I called.

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