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Solution for Peace: True Forgiveness (spead the word!!!)

Peace should be the agenda for the 21st century... To do this we have to put away the past and "truly forgive" our enemies, which means forgetting about the wrongs that have been done in the past, and look to the future (right, easier said than done).

This means abandoning rascism too, because it serves very little utility to the evolution of the species. All we are doing is observing small, insignifcant differences to a genetically idential species, and validating our ignorance by the quiet snickers of our peers.

Sorry Carlos Mencia you won't need to steal jokes from other comedians about racial issues anymore... Not that you were ever funny anyways.

Realize, hey we may be a different religion, have a different diet, a different language, live somewhere else....

People, we are same species, wake up, we are killing ourselves! We are leaning toward the destruction of not only the "enemy", but humankind as a whole.

Wake up America, our leaders are either deceptive or oblivious, we have to wake up! NOW! Iran is not the enemy, Pakistan is not the enemy...

Arrogant, selfish, pricks who do not have the courtesy or personal responsibilty to listen to the American Public are the fucking enemy, they are all around us....

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in other words....

....even though I am fish-belly white, and "juanalvarez" might not be my brother, he SURELY is at least my "cousin"


...what "Kemp" said :-)


Racism, groupthink, anti-individual bias. All this crap needs to go and FAST.

The only solution is INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and equal protection under the law.

Natural rights for ALL INDIVIDUALS!!


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

The whole concept of "race" is...


Why is it so HARD to see, that...."if it walks upright, has ten fingers, and ten toes" it is the same RACE....the HUMAN race!! (To me, seemingly by DEFINITION...although, yes....there are various cultures and differing amounts of skin-pigment.)

Imagine that...Ron Paul is right AGAIN!! The entire "issue" is a concocted scam to drive a spike of division through individual nations and the entire world....

huckabee, huckabear, the

huckabee, huckabear, the huckster! the great huckman, the one formerly known as, the huck...

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