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If the LP gets 5%...

...then I fully expect the Reince Preibus equivalent in the FEC to change the requirements for matching federal funds to 8%.

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I wouldn't put it past them, but then again, Perot did get his 5

for the Reform Party.

Pat Buchanan squandered the funds and never repeated the 5%. Now that party is defunct.

They don't even have a candidate.

The LP however has a shot at repeating the feat. And if they can do it twice, I'd say they can do it three times, and four, and so on.

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I agree, the two parties (R) and (D) will do everything possible to prevent a third party rising. But it just means we need to do everything we can to take over the (R), start an effort to take over the (D), and use (L) as our escape hatch in case the take overs do not work.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

As An LP Delegate

As an LP delegate, I see providing that "escape hatch" as one of my primary roles, not just for president, but up and down the ballot.

California's "top-two" must be overturned. Two options are not enough. It's not uncommon for the compaign to bring out really unacceptable qualities in candidates, and there really needs to be one or more alternatives to the dominant two.

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