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Mr. Feshamon Hawaiian Reggae music video "Obamney"

Wanted to give this one another shot on election day. This is Mr. Feshamons latest music video from the Big Island of Hawaii, "Obamney':


He worked real hard to get the song done in time for the election, I helped throw the video together faster then I ever have. I hope you all get a chance to see it and like it, especially now on election day. We are still fighting hard here on the Big Island for Liberty, we won it for Ron Paul in the primary and I think Gary Johnson will do well here in the general, write ins don't count here. In case you missed the other video from earlier in the year, this is his Ron Paul video "Uncorruptable":


I have been blessed with a wonderful friendship with Mr. Feshamon, I first met him in Hilo town when he was sign waving for Ron Paul on the side of the highway in the pouring rain at 7:30 AM rush hour. We have been working together since and I hope you all agree the results have been wonderful!