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Third Party votes

Where can I see the third party votes nationally/state?

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Some can be found at:


But looking at a bunch of states, it looks like very few 3rd party votes at all. I am feeling like many RP supporters let us down. So, it is not showing a lot of people from this movement voting principle and not supporting Flipper by voting 3rd party.

Here in MI, GJ was not on the ballot. Not that I was a big fan, but I was not willing to vote Flipper. I went with Goode.

Most RP people actually didn't vote (the ones I know),

some wrote in Ron Paul. I know only 1 that voted LP, GJ just didn't cut it with most of the Ron Paul supporters I know.

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Thanks. I hope this is true

It would be good to truly know if that which you describe was the norm. I knew of at least a couple of people who voted for RP in the primaries that were ABO types. And since we had a RP endorsed guy running (and winning) the congressional seat in a very close race despite the local party establishment not to supporting him, I think most here voted.

I agree, GJ was not ideal. I thought it would be useful if RNC truly knew how many votes they lost though. It is clear that Romney would not have picked somebody like Paul Ryan (even if he is not even a good version of a pale shadow of RP with his fiscal plan, he spoke the language sort of) if they were not trying to appeal to RP people and those "I like RP except the foreign policy" types.

In Chicago,

there is only .1% reporting, but it has BO, GJ, and JS tied at 25% each having 11 votes. What are the odds of that?

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