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It Was An Empty And Depressing Feeling Walking Out Of The Voting Booth For Me But...

...NY doesn't count write-in votes (as far as I know) so I figured I'd at least make sure my protest vote got counted. In other words, I voted for the guy who is "not my candidate" (though I still think he's light years better than Obamney) - Gary Johnson. I have to say I'm envious of the feeling many of you on here wrote about today. I really wanted to vote my conscience but I let my practical side win out. I know GJ won't win but I want TPTB to see that people came out to vote on a cold day in NY after a hurricane and voted for a candidate they knew wouldn't win. THAT'S how much we're disenfranchised w/ the current system. I know it doesn't make a lick of difference to TPTB but I felt compelled anyway.

I hope I won't be considered a traitor. I donated over $1000 to Ron Paul ($0 to Gary Johnson), made hundreds of phone banking calls, voted for him in the primary, and talked to many friends about his message. I know it's highly unlikely I'll get a chance to vote for him in 2016 but I'm hoping against hope.

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Wrote in

Ron Paul here in Tennessee. Probably won't be counted, but I feel great and at least the guy throwing out my vote will see it!

shake it off...

it is what it is. You are not to blame nor should you feel bad. You did the right thing and that is all you can do.

No one said this was going to be easy. You are among friends and regardless of who wins elections...hold your head high and succeed in spite of the evil doers, don't allow any politician, party, or stoopid voter to determine your happiness or success. Focus on what YOU want. See it clearly in your mind and then go make it happen.

NEVER allow ANYBODY to stop YOU from living YOUR life. NEVER.

So right now KevinK, I want YOU to put a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye and with love in yoyur heart...Give us all a big belly laugh! In fact Let's all take a moment to have a big DP belly laugh! All together now!

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I also voted for Gary Johnson,

and a few others who aren't winning, then I fed my paper ballot into an optical scanner which I believe is pre programmed to select the "winner". I still feel happy. I voted for those I wanted to vote for, no matter what anyone else did. It's like when I give money to a beggar on the street and someone says that the beggar will only use the money for liquor. He has his reward and I have mine. It doesn't matter what he does, I do what I feel is right. So I voted. A Bully stole the election and a machine stole my ballot. I did what I felt was right and I feel good.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Thank You - Consolation

If it's any consolation, I've felt depressed every election I can remember since I could vote in 1973, except that when I joined the LP, I no longer felt helpless, since I knew I was taking action and could honestly say that the president in office did not get my vote.

No president I have ever voted for has won. I sleep great.

Don't feel like a traitor: you supported my party and voters everywhere who want to have more than two choices on the ballot. You supported the party that has Ron Paul as a lifetime member (Libertarian presidential candidates automatically become lifetime members).

I, too, donated money to Ron Paul (maxed in 2008, was unemployed this time and couldn't). I even changed my registration to help him in his primary.

I count it as a major step forward that the LP has been able to attract a candidate of Gary Johnson's stature. No candidate is perfect, which Ron Paul is the first to admit.

I'll bet anything that even Ron Paul did not write himself in, so you're in good company.

What do you think?

Just keep the Liberty flame

Just keep the Liberty flame burning, my friend.

Ron Paul will tell you himself, it's about way more than just one man.