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Most moving introduction to Ron Paul (video)

I don't usually post links to videos, but this one was too amazing to skip. I can't think of a better introduction to Ron Paul:

EDIT: the original Youtube video was pulled. I couldn't find a new one, but I found a link to the original video!

Here it is: http://xs2.lhi.is/~oskar05/ronpaul.wmv
Here's my mirror: http://www.ime.usp.br/~fr/ron_paul/

Streaming version on Myspace: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual...

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both links worked

fine, warning

it is a big file

10 minutes of video/audio


well worth it.

save it and convert it to post in different places,


This POS link locked and crashed my computer!!

I hope you have had your fun for the day!!

There's nothing wrong with the link

Try right-clicking and saving the video file, and then playing once it's done downloading.


Wow, awesome! Thanks for the link!

Growing a beard...

over here waiting for video to load.


I just watched it too and then I went to comment on it and it said it was pulled... This video would be great before a movie in a theater. bump!!

this makes NO sense people..


I found a mirror!

Check the updated post at the top.

Isn't it amazing that someone from Iceland made this movie?


Thankyou Iceland!!

that was a pleasure to see


The speech by Kennedy was like he was peaking to us here today.
The secret societies and deals behind closed doors.... Ron Paul at the end comes through loud and clear above Julliannies giggles.


2200 hits and it was pulled?

yeah, sweet but gone now

i watched it once, and then refreshed and it was gone. it started off with audio from jfk, then some video of mlk, quotes from the founding fathers fading in throughout, soundtrackish music throughout, and the last 3/4 or so was clips of ron paul's best moments from debates, mostly dealing with foreign policy/war.
somebody please post it again if you find it, it was great.


says the video was pulled due to terms of use violation

You're right

I'll try to find a copy. It was amazing.