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The Door Is Open For Rand Paul 2016!

Calling all Republicans, RepubliCANS, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, neo-conservatives, paleo conservatives, and voluntarist. We ran the neoconservative Republican McCain in 2008 and lost. So we tried the moderate eatablishment Republican in 2012 and lost. Let's nominate an electable candidate in 2016. Let's nominate the son of the Godfather of the Tea Party, the freshman Senator from Kentucky, Dr. Rand Paul and WIN!

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The 3 R's

Run Rand Run!! I am all for it in 2016, Rand is a good guy, and for all you Rand slam bangers, piss off!


That Rand Paul endorsement really helped out Romney win the election (sarcasm).

Nothing to lose

He has nothing to lose now. He will surprise imo.


Ron Paul WILL endorse his

Ron Paul WILL endorse his son. Rand Paul 2016!

Rand LOL


It has been real folks ... back to apathy ....

Rand is NOT a friend to the liberty movement.

He is a sellout. I hope he doesn't run for President.

I don't play, I commission the league.

If there's one thing we've learned from these campaigns

it's that you can't get traction with the sheep unless party braintrust let you in the door.

Rand has played the "say the right things" game and successfully made it all the way to senator.

He's going to have to keep on playing this game if he wants to be the nominee.

If we hold that against candidates, we will never have a major party Liberty nominee and thus never take power.

Everyone including myself would rather have someone who speaks like Ron or Tom Woods, or even Gary Johnson, but that's just never going to be an winning option.

You were the same people bashing Rand. Fuck Rand...

He can not win POTUS. The election results prove that - the Republican party, conservatives, libertarians and consitutionalists are now fringe, small in number and will diminish into insignificance. That's all you need to know. This web site and taking over the GOP idea is a joke and waste of time.


Yet this election and its results might have woken up and fired up many who are getting very aggravated about all the bad news and policies that are impacting more and more everyday.

After hearing already the tone of people on some supposed conservative radio shows after the Romney slide into defeat, things could be very intersesting in the upcoming years ino.


Right, what's your

Right, what's your alternative buddy.. invade Cuba and take over and rule it yourself? This guy is nuts. Look at the popular vote #s. LOL.

What is your point?

Are you going to go live under a rock now?

Purge the GOP of all the

Purge the GOP of all the RINOs and Neo-con scumbags!

This is our chance!

I'm onboard

He's much more of a soft-pedaler than his father, but sometimes that's what it takes to effect change.

The door is open for a lot of things now

While I totally detest Obama's presidency, I think that it is unfortunate but true that Americans are going to have to get their butts kicked more to get serious about things. There are way too many people who profess to believe in capitalism and liberty who really don't, and they need a good dose of what they brought on themselves.

Yes that is my vengeful side talking. Of course I'm going to get my butt kicked right along with them :-(

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This is a great opportunity

for someone to go start a new Rand Paul website.

Because the DP ain't gonna become Rand Paul Central.

That's a wrap. Over and out.

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ha ha

that is a good one .... very good .... yep, Rand you are on your own.
Find your own grassroots - LOL and good luck with that.

I am waiting for the END

I don't think anyone proposed that

I expect there will be a lot of Rand support just as there was a lot of Johnson support.

Rand is Mr. zero

Rand is finished.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Besides it will be Jeb Bush in 2016. Just ask Michael Steele.

Based on what? Gary gave a

Based on what? Gary gave a valiant effort, but Rand has the brighter future at the moment. Who knows where the liberty movement will go though, just keep working on your part, and I'll do mine.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

I hear ya. Just a silver

I hear ya. Just a silver lining in the election results that in four years another liberty candidate can run in the Republican primary. And, I agree, let's continue the P.Au.L. theme going around here. I'm really not ready to start campaigning or anything, just excited that we don't have 8 years of Romney.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin


Yeah, the first thought I had when I saw this thread was "geez, already?!".

Bad enough this place pretty much turned into the Daily Johnson (not a knock against GJ supporters, well not most of them anyway...)

I'd rather it stay the P.Au.L., and not have the place focus on any single person or party...though of course Dr. Paul will always remain the main attraction for many. :)

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Rand has lost many of us -

I can find no reason that at the very least Rand could not have kept his mouth shut on Romney until after the convention. He could have endorsed away after that for all I care.
His betrayal of the cause at that key time when we had a real chance for a fight in Tampa and that corrupt stage available to us to wake up many more people through 15 minutes of his dad on it is unforgivable for me. With regard for what good he may do in the future, I will not trust him soon.

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