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Why I HAD to write in Ron Paul-tear jerking article reminiscing about my RP journey this year

THANKS Daily Paul you have been a major part of my RP journey this past year. Here's my RP story...very emotional to write and read comments under! WHY can't I stop crying?! Warning, if you too, have put a lot into the Liberty campaign this article may move you emotionally too. TOUGH year! =)


Joy fills my heart with pride to know I voted for the best candidate for president of the United States in the 2012 election. It truly was a difficult decision when news broke that votes in Washington State for write-ins may not be counted. I voted for the one who promised to bring home the troops, decrease excess government spending and champion back our rights through "We the People."

I totally understood when many of those in the liberty movement changed their mind and decided to vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. But in the end, I had to write in Ron Paul.

I had to vote in a way that gave me peace. I had to personally know I chose the right person for the job, not use “rational voter calculus." Regardless of all the people on Twitter who replied to my tweets, "You are wasting your vote," I had to do what felt right to me, mind, body, and spirit.

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God Bless you!

God Bless you too

God Bless you too GBAmerica! First time I ever voted with my HEAD and heart.