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Romney Looses-Here's Why...

Ron Paul and to a lesser extent Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode.
Obama ran a socialist,in your face tax the rich, keep spending and "investing" campaign.

Romney, also a statist, did not offer a clear enough alternative- vowing to support public funding of colleges,preserve Medicare and social security and parts of Obama care.

So why go with half a socialist/statist like Romney when you can get the full Marxist package complete with slogans with Obama? FORWARD!

With a horrific economy and poor foreign policy and massive debt, Obama was ripe to be defeated.

If there was a clear alternative like Ron Paul who could explain limited government, the damage the fed does, what liberty means,Obama would be packing his bags tonight.

Ron Paul never got the chance to explain his constitutionalist vision to the public at large so we had two statist running and the incumbent won.

If the Republicans want to win, they must become the party of Paul or none at all.

Then silver lining-watch gold and silver soar in the days ahead

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Interesting theory

But I think you have too much faith in the "democratic process."

Diebold: It's not broken. It's fixed!

I have very little faith in the process

I suspect voter fraud is widespread and democracy itself can be very abusive as in allowing people to vote to decide to make other citizens pay more taxes to fund programs that benefit the ones voting for the increased taxes on others

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Rmoney lost

because the after affects of the 8 years of "dumbya" are still very present in peoples minds. Rmoney should have shed all the ol Boosh crowd and distanced himself from Karl Rove and his goup. He should have endorsed the liberty movemnent. Plus, when you run a liberal against a liberal, the liberal wins every time.

Correct Obama out liberaled Romney

And Romney dissed the conservative and liberty wings of the party
I also saw on CBS that young voters by 2-1 in Colorado blame bush not Obama for the poor economy

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With Romney out of the way

There is now a chance to take over the rep party

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The REAL tea party was also emasculated

By Boener "the ayes have it" so their voice was not hear from 2010 on ward and they like Ron Paul were chastised by their own party

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Disaffected Ron Paul voters either

Didn't vote
Voted for Obama
Voted for Johnson
Voted for Goode
Romney lost all those votes

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some may have even wrote him in.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Yes that too

Sorry I missed that

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i thought of dr paul correcting you and saying that when i wrote it!
with that crazy look and whimsical smile he gives as if asking a question in a statement!

"some may have even written me in!"

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I won't live that one down

For a long time...

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Silver already moving up

Gold too

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