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Live Free or Die

That is the title of this article where the author also says:

"If the truth teller is marginalized as a fringe candidate whose presence on the stage is questioned and the demagogue who really isn't fit to lead this country is crowned the leading contender then our future can be found in Kafka's observation that "there is hope, but not for us".

If this got you, as it did me, read the rest of John Pagoda's article here.

There are some great thinkers...gifted wordsmiths...out there, behind Ron Paul. I think this writer is one of them. When we are called "lunatics" insignificant "fringe" and Ron Paul is dismissed as naive and uninformed, know as I do that "they" say these things because "they" cannot deal with the possibility that the exact opposite might be true. It frightens them.

Ron Paul = Lunatic Well, go to the Ron Paul Library or, heck, just type in almost any issue with a "truth" adjective or definer and watch a Ron Paul True-ism come up. He is extremely informed, well-read, prolific, consistent and "quotable" through time. Check his book written in 1988, scanned and available here. It is just as pertinent and true today. Lunatic? I don't think so...and "they" know.

RP Supporters= Fringe Well, there are some who aren't convinced we are anything more than a fringe group and Ron Paul has no real support. Shhhh! Maybe it is better "they" think that just now. Ya know? This administration and its supporters...perhaps even this Congress and its members with a few notable exceptions...are so out of touch with reality. What have they gotten right lately. Pride goes before a great fall!