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Dick Morris Predicts Romney Will Win in a Landslide - 325 Electoral Votes for Romney Republican Smarts ?

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This is absolutely hilarious

We methodically need to keep track of failures like this...


needs to exit stage left. He and his zionist friends are all going to be leaving with him. Rmoney was Bush3 and Bush3 got toasted by a horrible president obummer. McShmane? Rmoney? Are you kidding me? The GOP stinks.


Dick really needs to retire. I mean, I knew he was a fool based on his ridiculous hatred of Dr. Paul, but holy cow. He got PA, OH, FL, VA, IA, MN, WS, and NH wrong... I guess prostitutes' toes have some kind of mind-numbing fungus on them which decreases cognitive function.


I mean this is just funny to watch.....they have no clue what is going on in the base of the republican party and honestly the issues the base is embracing that could expand the party - ie war issues, civil liberty issues, and monetary policy - they aren't issues that pit one group against the other - they are issues that are important to all of us - regardless of age or race - yet this party is dominated by old, rich, white, unconnected people - nothing wrong with being old, rich or white or unconnected for that matter - but when u are on the wrong side of civil liberties, monetary policy, war issues, etc - at some point those effected get pissed - and they usually aren't white, old, and rich

very astute observation..

additionally, Dick doesn't seem to be on his game since he gave up cross dressing. Dick is done. He looks like a fool. how could anybody miss so many pics. What a dope.

He said that the other

He said that the other pollsters 'have a partisan slant', as if he doesn't... Saying Romney WILL win Ohio, WILL win PA, WILL win Wisconsin, and possibly even Michigan. Just amazing. Such a pathetic level of confidence for a guy who is an obvious neo-con shill.